I Never Needed Much Sex

But I needed some dammit! https://play.ht/embed/?article_url=https://medium.com/sex-and-satire/i-never-needed-much-sex-eaa5ce78bae3 After nine years of zero sex, out of a 23 year marriage to that point (yes, you read that right), I need to get LAID. Nine years might as well be a decade. Before the drought my husband and I had sex two or three ...(More)

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Adultery & Losing My Second Virginity

My first naked playdate. https://play.ht/embed/?article_url=https://medium.com/@teresajconway/adultery-and-losing-my-second-virginity-e8468ffe8792 My affair partner sensed my fear. I was worried about meeting and having sex on our first date. We’d been sexting madly for weeks, but that was different. Meeting then getting naked? I wasn’t so sure. He suggested we meet at a fast-food restaurant parking ...(More)

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First Contact With My Affair Partner

Screening potential affair partners. https://play.ht/embed/?article_url=https://medium.com/@teresajconway/first-contact-fd46ec14ede0 I had coincidentally started exercising the same summer I began looking for someone. I went for a short hike with a friend and embarrassed myself. It nearly killed me, so I figured I’d do something about it. We’d picked up a cheap treadmill, and I started ...(More)

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