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This is more about TJC than me — you’ll never know me

What you need to know first and foremost is I’m a writer who cheats and not a cheater who writes. I write other things that are mostly boring, analytical, and bureaucratic. I am paid handsomely for that and the policy advice I provide to senior government decision makers. Sorry, but no, I’m not a lawyer, I’m smarter than that.

Teresa (my actual first name) J. Conway was born in an airport in the summer of 2018 while I was waiting to switch planes two days after I realized I was completely alone in the world. TJC wouldn’t find her legs until I wrote and self-published my first erotica story and opened a twitter account that fall. She has been my wicked and sexy alter-ego ever since.

There are only two people in the world who know us both. My oldest friend and my lover.

I’m not alone anymore, and while TJC hasn’t fully achieved her goals, her voice has come a long way. I’m proud of her and I wish her every success in the world.

Here’s how Teresa Nobody became TJC —

I’ve been married for 26 years, and things were going well until 12 years ago. My husband began developing symptoms and was later diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder. Since then, we’ve had sex five or six times, with the last time being in 2014.

One morning during the summer of 2018, I woke up to the realization I’d never have sex again if I didn’t do something about it. Within a week, I signed up for Ashley Madison and began chatting with a few guys. God, it was so hot; they brought me back to life.

I sent my first nude that summer and traded masturbation videos with the man who would become my long-term affair partner — I was 47 but felt 20! I was so horny I couldn’t concentrate at work, I’d broken every internet-based mom-rule in the book and I didn’t care.

My book and writing

Throughout the fall and winter I researched adultery and collected notes as I went because I was deathly afraid of getting caught while learning the ropes. I eventually turned those notes into a book I self-published, called How to Cheat — Field Notes from an Adulteress, based on my professional and adulterous experience.

I have written extensively about adultery on Medium for The Scarlett Letter who I edit for, and have published other sexy pieces in Sex and Satire, and Heart Affairs. I’m very proud to say my book and writings have become the adultery resources I was looking for when I first stepped out. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but I couldn’t find a practical guide on cheating. Like it or not people cheat, and I’m happy to help them do it — safely.

Helping writers

I also have my own publication, The Story Smith, where I help women learn Medium. I don’t publish stories there, but use it to show women how to submit to a publication and give other Medium tips, as well as giving them advice on writing and storytelling. I’ve collected a number of interesting Medium and writing articles there to keep them handy. I probably do this to assuage my guilt, but really, life is shitty enough for women, so I help them pro bono in a safe space to get them started.

Covid and my sex life

Having had regular(ish) sex and the intimacy over the last two plus years has returned a joy to my life and made it easier to deal with my family situation — until Covid struck. The pandemic has dampened my sex life severely because we live on top of each other. I’m working from home, so it’s hard to get out because I’ve always got eyes on me. It’s almost impossible to come up with credible cover stories to meet my lover, but we’ve scraped by. We now meet about once every four to six weeks, whereas, before the pandemic, it was weekly. I miss my affair partner because it’s been hard to live without his touch.

My plan is to keep writing and helping people with their adultery questions until I get caught or bored.

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© Teresa J. Conway, 2021

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