My Monday Guy Found Me a Girl to Play With!

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I didn’t have much luck with Ashley Madison (AM) searching for a girl. I received one nice message but was disappointed to discover that to respond, I would have to buy $94.90 worth of credits! I’ve had a couple of girls “wink” at me, but again, to do anything, I’d have to buy way more credits than I need.

I guess you could ask why I didn’t buy credits, and I’d say it wasn’t just the price. As much as I’ve tried to meet new people this summer, I’ve been extremely busy with work, and then Covid took me out for three weeks, so I’m just getting my feet back under me, and summer’s halfway done!

The other reason I haven’t been looking too hard on AM is my Monday guy, Goose, told me a few weeks ago that he might know a girl for me. He’d been with her and said she’d mentioned she might like to play with a girl. When he told me about her, I asked if she might be interested in meeting me.

How’d it come up? I’d told him during sex that I might like to be with a girl again, and he said, “again?” so I suppose that sort of caught his interest. After asking me the details and listening with great interest, he jumped back on and pounded me as he told me how hot I’d made him.

Not long after that, I went on my trip with my lover and then got Covid.

As I was suffering, Goose mentioned to her that I might be interested in meeting, if she was good with it. She was, so he made the digital introductions, and we’ve been chatting ever since.

Her name is Sarah. We’ve exchanged face pics and chatted about family, life, our few experiences with women, and desires for both men and women. Like me, Sarah’s been cheating for a few years, but she still gets a little sex at home.

Her husband is a once-a-week guy who usually lasts a couple of minutes before he cums. Not much foreplay and no interest in getting her off with his mouth or fingers, so sex usually lasts five minutes from start to finish. She told me that she always initiates just to keep him happy, which I thought was sweet.

A wife’s work is never done.

She’s a pretty positive lady, and I like that. She and Goose don’t know I write, so I couldn’t share links to my stories with them. Instead, as we chatted I told her about them through text. She seemed to like them, and I liked hers. We both got a little hot that night and sent a few naughty pics as we played with ourselves!


Sarah’s story was a little more spontaneous than mine, which is probably what got me going. I’ve been thinking about it when I touch myself ever since.

This is what she told me —

Her husband is a senior executive, and Sarah had accompanied him to a trade show and awards thing in Vegas. I know Vegas sounds cliche, but there’s a reason we have cliches, isn’t there?

During the industry awards dinner, they’d been sitting with a group from their company, and one of the junior execs was there with her hub. Sarah’s a bit of a party girl, so was feeling good by the time dinner ended, when the dance began. A few of the couples from her table had gotten up to dance, but her hub quickly tired of it and went for a drink. Sarah stayed on the dance floor with the other girl and her hub, but then he disappeared too.

As the two women continued to dance, the floor filled up, and they were pushed closer together to the point they were bumping together. After another song or two, the girl started to “accidentally,” touch Sarah’s ass and boobs with the back of her hand as they danced. Then she used her open hand to give Sarah’s ass as if she were testing her.

Things started to heat up when Sarah reciprocated, and a couple of minutes later, the girl leaned in and asked Sarah if she wanted to go outside and get some air. When Sarah nodded, the other woman took her hand, and they left the room in the opposite direction of their table so the others wouldn’t see.

On the way out of the convention center, they walked past an accessibility washroom, so Sarah’s friend dragged her in and locked the door. After some steamy kissing, the woman lifted Sarah’s dress and fingered her to an orgasm as Sarah leaned back against the wall. Returning the favor, they switched places, and Sarah did the same, touching another woman’s pussy for the first time.

After they’d rubbed out each other’s lust, they returned to the party where no one was the wiser and carried on drinking, chatting, and dancing as if nothing happened. The woman left the company for a more senior position not long after, so they never got the chance to connect, but Sarah told me she’s been thinking about that night ever since.

Like me, she hasn’t done much with another woman, but we both want to do more.

She seemed to get off on my story and wants to try going down on a woman. I told her I know I can go down on a girl again. I also know that even if she doesn’t taste that great, I can give her an orgasm. And if Sarah can’t go down on me, I know she’ll finger and use toys on me, and I’m ok with that. If she does go down on me, then maybe I will finally get my sexy 69 too!

We’re going out for a drink next week so see if there’s chemistry now that I’m feeling better. After talking to her and Goose, we’ve decided we’ll do a hotel threesome first to see how we all get along naked. If that works out, she and I will get together on our own. And then maybe I’ll cut my lover in on the action with her, as he’s been so good to me this summer… or maybe just keep her for myself.

© Teresa J. Conway, 2022

Author of How to Cheat: Field Notes from an Adulteress, several short stories, I'm active on Medium @teresajconway where I sometimes share my blog posts.

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