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There are many benefits of using day rate hotels as a cheater. First, they’re convenient if you can only meet during the day and don’t want to have sex in the car. You can also use day rate hotels to fly under the radar with privacy and anonymity, as some don’t need a credit card to book. This allows you to avoid the sticky electronic trail that comes with every financial transaction these days.

Day rate hotels are perfect for dirty cheaters who want to keep their personal information on the down-low.

What are day rate hotels, and how do they work?

They are for a daytime-only stay at their hotel. The advantage to the hotel is that they can maximize the use of the room by cleaning it at the end of the day and then providing it later that day to an overnight guest.

The rooms are usually offered between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Day rate hotels can range from upscale apartments and suites to basic rooms and typically cost around $100 a day.

When looking for cheater’s paradise day rate hotels, keep in mind that not all of them are created equally. The availability of the day rate hotel will be one factor in determining its quality. You may also want to consider amenities like free parking or WiFi.

The benefits of using day rate hotels

They offer an affordable alternative for affair partners to meet in the middle of the day. Under normal circumstances, booking a room for use in the middle of the day requires a two-night stay. This would mean paying double the price for a day’s use, which can get expensive.

Day rate hotels offer a simple way to make your playtime much more affordable. Of course, affairs aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

How to find a hotel that offers day rates

There are several ways that you can find a room for the day. The easiest way is to do an online search for “day rate hotel”, go through to book a room, or check out Air B’n’Bs in your area. You can also ask people from your area on Reddit’s r\adultery or r\TheScarlettLetter, who might know.

Finally, you can call hotels directly and ask, as some hotels do but don’t list it as a service they provide.

In many cases, day rate hotels cannot be booked in advance or list the day rate option online, which is the advantage of using Unfortunately, this makes it challenging to plan a date as it can be hard to find one last minute.

Once you’ve found a good hotel, use it!

One of the benefits of using day rate hotels regularly is establishing a relationship with the front desk staff. This can be helpful because they may give you a better rate if you become a regular customer or work to set a room aside for you at the last minute.

Hotels are a business like any other and want to maximize profit. This means that they can be willing to do what it takes to please their regular day rate guests. The additional advantage is they won’t blink when you bring a different affair partner through the door each visit!

Being friendly and polite when speaking with them will make them more likely to want to help you out.


Their availability window in the middle of the day provides an obvious advantage to cheaters. Cash-only day rate hotels can keep your personal information off the record while offering an affordable and convenient solution for your affairing adventures. Establishing relationships with day rate hotels can get you better service and more benefits!

Find day rates near you today and get at it!

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