I’m on Ashley Madison’s Facebook Page!

Having an affair was never my dream as a little girl but shit happens

A quote from Ashley Madison’s Facebook Page — I sent my first nude to the man who would be come my long-term affair partner-I was 47 but felt 20! I was so horny I couldn’t concentrate at work.” Ashley Madison Member Female, 50s, Canada.
(Screencap: Author via Ashley Madison on Facebook)

When I saw this, this morning on AM’s Facebook page, and through blurry sleep-filled eyes, I thought, hey, that seems familiar!

And it was! AM ran part of my quote from the text I sent them. Of course, they don’t name their members, but you all know who this one was. I remember that nude so well!

I was scared that he’d run away as soon as he saw me, so I tried to conceal myself as best I could. I showed him my boobs with one arm under them to make them look like they had decades ago. And then I waited.

And waited.

When he came back and told me how beautiful he thought I was, I nearly cried. No one had said those words to me in so long, I didn’t know what to think, but it felt like that hole in my soul began to fill up again.

Over the next few days, he asked for more, and I sent them. I was like a junky looking for my love fix, and the oxytocin felt wonderful until he asked —

“Could you let me see your breasts hanging naturally? I love natural boobs.”


That was the last thing I wanted! I knew he loved my pictures, but would he want to see my boobs in all their glory? Uncertainty filled me as I took shot after shot, trying to get one I could live with. There were none.

I wondered where the time had gone as I did. Babies and gravity hadn’t been kind to my once glorious assets! They used to stand up without a bra but that was long ago.

It took me five minutes to press send. I closed my eyes when I did. I was still worried he’d run, even after all the beautiful things he said about my body.

After all the years of neglect and being reminded far too often about the weight I’d gained, self-doubt haunted me. I wondered if any man would see me that way again.

I pressed send and waited, again, like I did the first time, hoping he’d reply.

I didn’t wait long.

He replied with a video.

It opened with his hand on his cock, stroking himself. His breath ragged and fast. Exploding, he came in jets, still stroking himself as his seed pooled on his stomach. His climax was over in 20 seconds, but the flood in my panties could have drowned Noah.

Fuck, that was hot! I told myself, slowly circling my clit. I guess he liked them.

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