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Here’s what the readers had to say this week!

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A note from Medium

This was quite the thing, I must say 🥳❤️🥰 —

(Screencap: Author from Medium!)

A note from Maddierose

I was tearing when I read this. Such a lovely note from a wonderful writer who just has to believe in herself and she will go miles! 😢❤️I Needed Help Being Heard!
And Teresa reached out to memedium.com

A note from Charles

So you always wonder if your advice is any good, and if you don’t, you should. I’ve often looked at the advice I give as an option to the person I’m speaking with that they can use, modify, or toss away. While my advice is earnest, it’s likely what would be best for me, and not necessarily the other person.

That’s all well and good. But it was heartwarming to hear back from Charles this week about how the hunt’s going. Here’s what he had to say —

Morning 🧚‍♀️,

I thought I’d drop you a line and let you know I managed to get a lady to message me 🙂

She said she liked my profile and my self deprecating humour.
It’s just one nibble, but it feels nice to get some attention. Thanks to my 🧚‍♀️

Happy book launch !!!

Was that sweet? He calls me 🧚‍♀️, because I’m his Fairy Godmother ❤️. So perhaps Charles’ profile mods I recommended have worked a little. As I told Charles, it might be a nibble, but you only need one nibble don’t you?

A note from Angel

I’d helped her edit her very first Medium story, and while she didn’t have luck with a publication, she did have some luck with the Medium curators who selected her work for further distribution! This is the picture she sent me —

Her very first article, chosen for Distribution!! (Photo: Angel Takooree)

Here’s her note —

Hope you are well!

I self-published in the end as I got rejected a couple of times and the article didn’t sit in any publications I could find.

I think this is good news? I was just happy the article was read and some people have highlighted and clapped.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance!

I better get my other articles edited up!

A very happy newbie writer 🙂

Such a sweet note, don’t you think? 😢❤️

A Note C∏

C∏ is a regular correspondent who often discusses things in my emails and other work. He made a good observation about my book this week regarding OPSEC. It’s true that the name of my book isn’t exactly the sort of book you’d want to be caught with — Adultery Profile Tips for Men. I get that!

But as I explained to C∏, as a writer, I also need to maintain some credibility in my field of expertise, while differentiating my brand. My brand is adultery, and so while I originally went with Dating Profile Tips For Men, there were dozens of books and articles called that. And I don’t do regular dating, do I?

But don’t think I misunderstand his point! I got it. OPSEC should be your #1 focus at all times. You’re the only one who will be able to determine how much you need, so if having my new book is too much risk for you, don’t download it. Let me know, plead your case, and I can send you a PDF, if you’ve been a good boy.

A note from A Bushboy

This one was very sweet and I can’t tell you how happy I was to read what he wrote. Here’s a little backstory. I made my new book free on Amazon this weekend and only told the people on my email list (membership has its benefits), but when I was looking at my Amazon stats I’d seen that someone out there bought my book on Friday, just before it was made free. I’d mentioned that to my peeps on the email list to remind them how lucky they are. Well, it was A Bushboy, and he is on my email list, and this is what he wrote me –

I’m the Australian guy who paid for your book and reviewed it, just before you made it free. I’d do it again, it’s worth every cent. Authors and artists bring joy to my life and are totally under appreciated. Besides which, I like the way you think.

He said some other things I’ve left out. If you read my email this morning, you’d know there was one thing I’d asked you all to keep secret for me. And if you know what that is, you’ll know what A Bushboy did for me 😉

A note from Mr. S.S.

This was also sweet ❤️

You are a good egg to help your friend out!

So glad you are getting some good loving. I am happy for your happiness!

Lovely! Again, if you read my email, you’ll know what I did for my friend!! And I would do that for anyone, just so you know. I’ve been lucky, and so there’s no reason not to help the next person get ahead.

A note from Reader

Learned a new term! Tinmanning. Been doing that to and AP for four months with slower and slower responses, no terms beyond “hugs” and she still hasn’t accepted it. (Why do it Teresa asks? — the previous AP wouldn’t accept the break off. As a SW [single woman] five hour drive away, I hadn’t calculated that!!

What is Tinmanning? The Tinman in the Wizard of Oz didn’t have a heart. When you Tinman someone, you are protecting your heart from them. What you are actually protecting your heart from is oxytocin, or as we in the biz like to call it — the love drug. Oxytocin is what you feel when you’re in love, and you don’t want that, do you?

A note from Mr. E.T.

Mr E.T. — I’d love to have a night with u😜

Me — I told my AP you said that. He said you were welcome to me it you think you can handle it! LOL

Mr E.T. — Mmmmm, it sure would be fun trying to, thank u for the reply, am intrigued by you, do enjoy reading your stories. Should I think about travel plans, lol

It doesn’t look like I replied, but I would hold off on the travel plans. There’s a bit of a thing going on right now😂

A note from Mike R

Congratulations on hitting the 1,000 followers on Medium milestone.

I love your boldness and your attitude. So refreshing. I also expect that you express what many women think and feel but keep those thoughts and feelings internalized.

Thank you! And thank you! We had a little exchange where he told me about meeting a fellow birdwatcher and a missed opportunity to make her a new friend! Poor Mike R!!

Thats all for now!

There were others, like Mr. JB16 who asked me to remind him about the free book, and then he emailed to tell me he got it!! I’m so glad he did, and everyone else who did too!

That’s it for the Mail Bag this week! Sorry if I’ve missed you, it wasn’t on purpose! Thank you for writing and sending me your kind words!! Don’t think they go unnoticed or unappreciated, even if I didn’t give you a shout out!

Your friend and Adultery Fairy Godmother 🧚‍♀️,


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