Why Cheaters Need To Know How Dangerous Their Photos Are

Your adultery profile picture might tell more of the story than you think

Profile Picture on a cheating app (Photo: Author)

It started with one picture. The one above. God what a view and god, what a tub! Another lady mentioned the picture so I took a closer look. It was definitely impressive, so I clicked on it to get a better look, and of course, be jealous.

It was a lovely tub, so I wondered where it was. (Photo: Author)

I began to wonder where this tub was. Looking more closely, I saw two things I could search. The most obvious was the TCS 50 or TCS SO. I couldn’t be sure which it was. I also saw the word “life”, so figured that would be less helpful, but searchable. What it did tell me was that this photo was probably taken in an English speaking or dominant city. What I also saw in the picture was a red flag. That would be the third object I’d look at if it came to that.

TCS 50 / Life Picture. (Photo: Author)

I googled TCS 50, and discovered that was the full logo. When I first looked I wasn’t sure if there were more letters obscured behind the other building, but there weren’t. TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Service. I also discovered that they’d opened an office in Toronto. That was important, because the red flag is Ontario’s flag, and the word “life”, being in English, confirmed Toronto was a likely candidate city.

(Screen-cap: Author)

The next thing I did was check Google Maps and saw the office was located at 400 University Avenue. I also noticed that the building circled in red below resembled the building with the word “life” on it from the second photo. That told me my window was looking north along University Avenue.

(Screen-cap: Author)

The picture below happened to be on Google Maps and popped up in relation to TCS 50. It is a view from 400 University Avenue looking south. It was from the TCS 50 company offices so I figured it was from below the sign. Based on the angle from the bathtub, past the “Canada Life” building (red circle), up to the TCS 50 sign, I estimated the red line below was more or less the line of sight back to where the picture was taken.

This window seems to have been a little further west than what can be seen from the bathtub. That’s why I’ve placed the line so far to the left of the shot. The real line might be even further to the left. The key here is that line points us at the most likely bathtub building. (Screen-cap: Author)

Then I went to Google Street View, and looked for the tall building in the photo above. Based on my estimated sight line, the picture had to have been taken from the Shangri-La Hotel.

Looking at the picture with the red flag I circled above, it looks like the room was on the same level, or slightly below the roof of the next building that you can see from the street view below. My guess is that’s the roof with the red flag.

(Screen-cap: Author)

So what?

That’s a great question. So what? If you lived in Toronto, it’s unlikely you’d stay in a hotel in Toronto, isn’t it? So why would you have a picture from the bathtub in a Toronto hotel? One reason is you’re having an affair.

A person could only find this information out if they happen to find this photo. In this case, the person who took the picture said it was only used on their dating chat app and I have no reason to doubt them.

What if their s/o found their phone open, saw it in their photos, or discovered it in their shared cloud storage site? The spouse who found that photo would know who the person was I blanked out. There was no face, but the hair and style was apparent.

Now, their spouse would know they’d taken a picture from a fancy hotel in downtown Toronto. A hotel they had no reason to be in. It would be easy to deduce from there what was going on.


It took me five minutes to figure out where that picture came from. I’m not going to freak out or call it the end of the world, because it isn’t. That wasn’t the point, because it isn’t the point. What I wanted to show you was the information you can get from a lovely, innocent looking picture. And what deductions you could make from that information.

Bathtub Photo➔Landmarks➔Toronto➔Hotel➔Adultery

My recommendations regarding your cheating pictures are:

  • Never use a picture on your dating or chat apps that you’ve used anywhere else, like Facebook. Take new ones and then get rid of them. Don’t be sentimental — delete, delete, delete.
  • Crop out or obscure identifying marks in the picture. A smudge over TCS 50 and the world “life” and I wouldn’t have had an idea where to start looking. Use your phone’s photo editor to do that.
  • Never show your face in anything. And if you do show your face in a private pic, never do so in a nude. In headshots you should be clothed because you don’t want people connecting your naked body with your face. Few people will have seen your body so won’t know it’s you unless you’re smiling back at them in your birthday suit.

And that’s why you need to know how dangerous your pictures are; don’t let them give you away.

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