In a Nutshell, This Is Why I’m Having an Affair

Sex isn’t that big of a deal until you don’t get any

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It had been seven long weeks since I’d seen my lover. We chat by text daily and had one sexy video call, but other than that, there was no physical contact. And when I say no physical contact, I mean that. It had been seven weeks since someone had touched or lovingly held me. The only other being in the house who took an interest in me was our pup, and she does wonders for me, but it’s not the same.

Not seeing much of each other has probably extended the honeymoon period of our two-and-a-half-year affair, and honestly, I love that. There’s none of the dull or tired obligatory sex that gets stale. There’s just passionate and raw lovemaking followed by the sweet, tendered caresses of my lover. It’s the way sex should be every time, and that’s what I love about it.

I’ve masturbated this morning for the first time in a week since our encounter. Before waking up horny, there was no need to touch myself. A solid round of sex will last me two weeks when I get it regularly and a week when I haven’t.

Looking back to last week, now, in my post-orgasm glow, I can’t but help wish I was still there, with him.

This last time things started slowly. We had some time to take it easy, so we started slowly with hello hugs and snuggles on the bed to reacquaint ourselves after so long. When he stood and took off his shirt, I got the hint, and in a few seconds, I was naked and on my knees in front of him, saying more than hello to my old friend. He loves when I kneel before him and take him in my mouth, and I love how he holds my hair aside so he can watch as lips encompass his cock.

He might have been a little more eager to get started than I thought because I wasn’t sucking him long when he told me to get up and asked me to kneel on the comfy chair in the room with my chest pressed into it and my arms draped over the back.

He knows being taken from behind is my favorite, so when I felt his hands on my hips, I thrust back in anticipation. I was still a little dry, so he pressed his cockhead in and rubbed it along my lips to get me ready before plunging in. God, it was so good to have him in there again.

I’m not sure if he was fucking me or I was fucking him as I thrust back to meet his strokes. I was in heaven.

I realize how such a little thing like being naked with someone can do so much for me in those moments. I’ve often thought about how an hour of sex once a month is all it would take to make me completely happy and about how unhappy I was without it for so many years. It’s sad what I have to do to get it, but I don’t regret it.

Again, we switched not long after starting. My lover said the scene in front of him as he pounded me was too much, and he had to stop before my sexy ass made him explode. His ability to control himself is remarkable as he stretches it out for me, but he has a definite tipping point.

Climbing down, he lay me back on the edge of the bed, and now it was him kneeling before me. With my bum on the edge and legs draped over his shoulders, he went to work on my pussy. It felt so good, and as I lay there, I wondered what I’d done to deserve his attention. I could feel his gaze upon me as he drank me in while telling me how beautiful and sexy I am. No man has ever made me feel so good about my body like he does.

I was so wet; he left for a towel to wipe his dripping chin after getting up!

Standing up, he thrust his cock into me again and fucked me while holding my legs against his chest. Eyes so blue I melt when they drift my way. Feeling him inside me while watching the intensity on his face as he focused his power on me is empowering. Being taken by my hot, sexy lover fills me with desire for him.

After what felt like an eternity of him worshiping at his alter, he was up on the bed, beside me, and just as quickly back in my mouth. I cleaned his now oozing cock as he rested. He tasted of me and as I licked and sucked him, it reminded me of how good he is to me.

He ended his brief rest by asking for my pussy. I parked myself on his face as I continued to suck him, and we settled into a delicious 69. I love having my pussy sucked or fucked while I suck a cock which is why I enjoyed the three-ways we’ve had.

He liked it too because before long he announced he was going to come. When he does that, he’s past the tipping point, and there’s no coming back. He’s always given me a few seconds’ warning so I can decide if he’ll come in my mouth or not.

I’m not shy about taking his load, so I held him as he orgasmed his ropy jets of sperm. I swallowed some, but most of it drained back down onto his cock and over his balls to the sheets below, leaving a wet spot for him to lie in.

As we uncoupled, I reached for my Magic Wand © to finish myself off. I don’t orgasm during sex but love giving as much as getting. What did surprise me was how close he’d brought me to orgasm. Within a minute, I was over the edge and moaning, and I stayed that way over the next forty minutes as he held me.

We ran a bath afterward, listened to hits from the ’70s, and finished a bottle of white German dessert wine in the jacuzzi. The wine was as sweet as our night.

It was nice. We had another short fuck after the tub. This time, I sucked him hard, and then he mounted me and fucked away until he came. He likes a nice short fuck, and I love to give it to him.

After our sexy nightcap, we fell asleep around 2 AM.

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