Returning to the Room Where I Lost My Second Virginity Was Insanely Hot

The holidays weren’t so bad this year…

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When he asked me if I wanted to return to the hotel where we first met for sex, my pussy instantly became wet. I replied to his text immediately,

God yes! That’s a terrific idea

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself, which is a tough thing to do when no one knows you’re stepping out.

The memories of our first night together all came flooding back as my pussy dampened my underwear. I could never have imagined after my nine-year drought how hot it would be. The things he did to my pussy with his mouth and fingers will stay with me for as long as I have a memory.

Arriving at the hotel again was thrilling. Standing in the lobby, waiting for our keys, reminded me of the first time we’d walked through it. My stomach full of butterflies, my heart pounding, my nerves unsettled. What a night.

We are more mature in our adulterous relationship after two years, but the butterflies and anticipation are still there.

We don’t get many opportunities for overnight visits, so we try to make the most of them. Spotting a lovely hole in our schedules, we seized the opportunity and planned our night. My lover has a separate credit card, so he makes all the booking, and I pay for my half with cash I stash away for such occasions.

Cash and credit management is another issue, but I’ll leave that for now because this is a fuck story.

After a bit of a mix-up, we finally arrived in our room, a stylishly appointed large single bedroom suite overlooking the city skyline. As it turned out, we couldn’t get our room but had the identical one a floor above, and there was no difference.

After putting our things down, we stepped out for dinner in a local gastropub we’d been to before. Why? Because we could.

Lockdowns have meant fewer people were out, so the risk of running into someone either of us knew was low. It was lower still because we were in the hotel district during the holidays, so the chances of locals who would know us were virtually zero.

And most memorable of all? We could walk down the street, holding hands. As goofy as that sounds, it was the highlight of our sexy night. We have sex more often than we hold hands outside, I can say with certainty, you’ll never know how precious and act that is until you’re in love with someone and can’t.

Returning to our room, we sat on the couch where he first fingered and ate me after pouring ourselves a glass of Asti, a sparkling white Italian dessert wine.

A perfect accompaniment to what came next. We’d both planned to shower but had dessert first.

His hand was under my waistband within minutes of sitting down, and his fingers were drumming my clit. He explored my pussy as we kissed, just like the first time, but instead of him eating me, I pushed him back and released his cock.

Sucking him now, I took my time with him, savoring the taste of his pre-cum and his hardness. Loving his cock with my mouth as he began fucking me back, told me he liked it too. I would have let him cum in my mouth if he’d wanted to.

His taste and the sound he makes as he grunts in the throes of passion turn me on so hard I can’t get enough of either. His hips were thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth as I wrap my lips around his shaft.

“Stop…stop,” he begged. “Not yet; I don’t want to cum yet.”

Looking up, I released him, anticipating what was next. He’ll often ask me to stop before he comes to prolong our sessions.

Pushing me back on the couch, we shared a wet kiss that mingled our saliva with his pre-cum. Breaking our embrace, he climbed down my body, undid my pants, pulled them off, and threw them to the floor along with my panties.

Leaning into my pussy, he licked me from bottom to top before entering me with his tongue. I was a little concerned by what he’d taste or smell, which is why I wanted a shower, but dove in.

Wrapping his arms around my hips from underneath, he pulled me into him as he pressed his face into me. Sucking my hooded clit into his mouth and hold it there as he squeezed it between his lips until my clit popped out of its protective cover.

He’d do it again, and again, and again until I could barely stand it. The things that man does with his mouth never cease to amaze me, and I love him for it.

Standing up finally, after ten minutes of his oral indulgence, we again kissed, this time exchanging my pussy juices as we explored each other’s mouths.

Undressing quickly, he pressed cock between my breasts and began rubbing his dripping cock on me. Enclosing him in my flesh, I held myself together for him so he could fuck my tits.

He’d never done that before, and it was wonderful. His clear liquid quickly lubricated my chest as he thrust himself into me, over and over with increasing speed.

I found myself moaning with each hip flex as he fucked my tits faster. Looking down, I could see the opening of his urethra dripping with fluid as it emerged from the tunnel his cock had made of me. My pussy was dripping as I lay back, memorized by how he satisfied himself on my body.

His breathing again became hard. Laboring now, he fucked me with the same intensity he would just before he explodes, but again, he only brought himself to the cusp before retreating again.

Finally, he held my legs apart, drove his cock into me, and fucked me in hard, fast strokes. Intent on cuming hard and fast, I bucked against him to give him the resistance he craved from deep within me.

His orgasm was intense as he pressed himself into me. His cock jetting hot sperm deep inside me, I held him until his breathing settled, and we finally parted. No longer one in our love.

Returning to our wine, we refreshed ourselves and made for the bedroom where we held each other long into the night.

It was indeed a wonderful start to the holidays.

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