That Time I Hooked Up With a Couple so She Could Go Down on Me

And my poor man missed all the fun!

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The stars must have aligned that evening because it was one of those rare occasions my boyfriend and I got to spend the night together, and I was off early. Packing my overnight bag, I told hub that I was spending overnighting at my wingman’s.

Although she knew I was meeting my man, what she didn’t realize was that I was also going to meet a couple we’d had soft-swap sex with before. She doesn’t know about that one either, lol.

The couple was local, not bad looking, and available; a trifecta of adult stranger sex.

When we contacted them the first time, she’d talked about having a threesome in her previous marriage and wanted to again. Her new hub had done nothing like that, so was more than curious, so we met for an ice breaker, where I ended up going down on her.

In this session, the plan was the three of us would meet early for some adult fun, and my lover would join in later.

Arriving at the hotel, I ran the tub and poured myself a wine. I wasn’t nervous exactly, but the idea of meeting them on my own was a little daunting, though manageable. The drink and bath were doing double duty to relax me because I’m always being pulled in three directions when I’m home.

Laying back in the warm water, I began pulling my nipples and let a hand drift down to my clit as I sipped the wine. Slowly playing with my bean, I noticed the alcohol kicking in. I could have laid there for the rest of the night I was feeling so good. I didn’t want to be a rude hostess, though, so I pulled myself up.

The wife and I had decided to wear long sexy nightgowns for the boys, so I slipped into mine after toweling off. Pouring another glass, I lay back on the bed and began playing again.

Still horny from the tub, I hiked my nighty and pressed my mini bullet vibrator onto myself.

The post-bath warmth, the anticipation, and vibrations all got to me and orgasmed before they arrived. Feeling the stress melt away, I was ready to fall asleep when they knocked at the door.

Letting them in, she was excited to see me, and he was a little nervous, just like the first day. After a few pleasantries, they changed; her into her nighty and him into his birthday suit. Then she opened her bag of toys. The last occasion we were together, they’d brought them too, but we never got there. 
I was told the night would be different.

Settling back down onto the bed, she opened my legs and ran her tongue up my leg to my pussy. Her mouth and tongue opened me again, after my brief rest following my orgasm.
Of course, it felt good, but I wasn’t into it. Had I not orgasmed, I probably would have loved the oral she gave me with her expert lips and tongue, but it just wasn’t happening.

I don’t want to say I was playing along, but I’d have been more interested in the TV if someone had turned it on. Once she’d had her fill after five or six minutes, hubby took her place. His mouth felt terrific too, but again, it wasn’t doing anything for me.

After a good licking, she returned with a couple of toys, and they began fucking me with them. It was nice to have two attentive people meeting my needs, so I encouraged them as much as possible, still wasn’t feeling it.

My lover advised me earlier in the day he wanted to catch us in the act.

I knew how hot that would be for him, so I’d hoped he wouldn’t miss it.

After they finished with me, she lay down beside me, and he went to work on her with his mouth and toys. I wasn’t thrilled with eating her the last time — it wasn’t her; it was me — so I stayed on the bed, to encourage and caressing her.

As his mouth brought her to the edge, I leaned in for a long kiss while I tugged at her nipples. I knew she was close because she was again making the noises she’d made the night I’d brought her off with my tongue.

Breaking off our kiss, I turned to her nipples and began sucking and biting them tenderly while cupping her breasts. Coming a minute after that, as her hub stood up, she drew me in for another passionate kiss and whispered her thanks to me as she did.

I slid my hand down her stomach to her pussy to feel her wetness. When I found her clit, I circled at first, then squeezed it inside its hood between my index finger and thumb; jerking her clit off. Running my middle finger inside her, I spread her moisture over her so I could continue playing with her clit.

Responding to my touch, I could feel her climax building again as I lightly pinched her hooded clit. Looking up, her hub stood over us at the end of the bed, stroking himself mindlessly as he watched me bring his wife closer to orgasm.

Finally releasing her orgasm, she moaned as I finished her.

Panting as she lay there, as I turned my attention to her hub. Sliding off the bed, I knelt before him and sucked his cock into my mouth as he continued to stroke himself. Placing a hand on his shaft and one on his waist, I pulled him into me as I worked him in long, deliberate strokes that matched the bob of my head.

Once his pelvis thrust his cock into my mouth with more vigor, I lengthened my strokes and took him deeper into my mouth.I wanted to drink his cum, to show him my gratitude. Kissing and fingering his wife had brought me back to the edge of lust, and I was ready for more.

Feeling him tense, he fought his orgasm before filling my mouth. I tried swallowing, but there was too much, so I let it run down my chin to my breasts inside my loosely hanging nighty. Stroking him to the last drop, I milked him for cum before wiping my chin.

I’m not sure why, but it’s empowering to make someone cum. I’d felt it with his wife both times I’d gotten her off too.

Whatever it was, it dampened my pussy and got me back into the mood.

Getting up, I walked to the washroom to clean up. Returning, I poured each more wine as we sat, chatting, and giggling. I was horny again, but I wanted to save that for my lover.

As we giggled, a knock came at the door, and at long last, my disappointed sweetie walked in. He knew he’d missed the action, and by the time he showered, our guests were getting ready to go.

After they’d gone, he demanded I retell every single detail of our night as I sucked and stroked him to life.

Poor boy, he gets so horny when I tell him about the things I’ve done, like I’m his dirty little hotwife.

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