A Love Letter From My Affair Partner

What would I do without him?

Love in an adulterous relationship happens and should be charished.
He loves me, he really does! (Graphic: Author on Canava.com)

His love letters always seem to come at the right time. He inspires me and truly is the first person I think of in the morning, and the last one I think of at night.

I wonder if my lover shouldn’t start writing here for himself, but he tells me he is just fine with things the way they are. Like me, he spends most of his day writing government reports, letters, and briefings for ungrateful bureaucrats, so he isn’t always interested in seeing a keyboard after hours. It’s different for me because this is an antidote to my work.

He sent me this as a story idea, knowing I’ve been having a hard time writing and working lately, and have been complaining about my lack of energy.

He asked me to share it with you –

I had no idea what to expect when I met Teresa. Other than knowing I was attracted to her sexy mature body and rusty red hair that flowed in curls over her shoulders. And I only knew that from the pictures she’d sent me.

I didn’t see her pull in, but I knew it was her when I spotted her unmistakable red hair. We were speaking on the phone in a call that ended up costing me $15 because I had to buy a charger at the gas station next door because I’d foolishly forgotten mine at home.

The first time I lay my eyes on her in that coffee shop parking lot, I wondered how such a beautiful woman would be interested in me. I had laid on the charm in our emails, but it was only by luck I suppose she stopped on my profile. I’d sent her a Premium message on Ashley Madison that alerted me when I opened it.

It just so happened that I was looking at my phone when she opened it. Of course, there was no reply, which was something I was getting used to, but I shot back a quick message, hoping to get her attention.

I knew she was a long shot because I didn’t fit the parameters of the man she’d outlined in her profile. She’d wanted a taller man, and I was inches below the six feet she was interested in. Up to that point, I’d not messaged a woman if I didn’t fit her description.

Her profile name was RedDelicious, so I’d initially wrote, Red delicious is my second most favorite apple, as an opener to my message. I don’t remember what else I wrote.

Knowing she’d read my message and looked at my profile but not responded, I went back with, Was it the height?

I knew it was the height because no one writes, looking for a man six feet or more if they didn’t want one. She wasn’t six feet, but I guess she wanted someone taller, and I got that.

She took the bait and messaged me back. As we chatted that afternoon, she’d asked what I’d been up to, and I told her I’d just finished cleaning both bathrooms, which must have impressed her. You’ll have noticed any advice she gives on solving marital problems usually involves men cleaning toilets.

From there, we went to sexting, picture exchanges, and short sexy videos. I really couldn’t believe my luck, and because of her, I was semi-erect for the two weeks before we met. God, can she ever write a sexy email.

When I met her, I was afraid she’d be disappointed in seeing me as I’m not much to look at, and I really wasn’t as tall as she wanted.

But no matter what she thought about me, I was dumbstruck by her figure. I’m not sure why, but I have always been attracted to a Jane Mansfield or Marylin Monroe like hourglass figure, and Jesus, did Teresa fit the bill.

She had legs for days, wide sultry hips, tapered at her waist, and then broadened out to her ample chest. Her bum was the perfect shape. I was in heaven.

We kissed in my car, and she let me feel her up, which was the only intimate touch I’d had in a decade. I wanted to take her all at once, but there was no time. We were meeting the next night at her hotel.

I hate to talk about her body so much, but it was the first thing I noticed when we met. Over the last few years, she’s gained and lost weight, but I’ve never noticed. It’s her creamy skin and sexy curves that fill my dreams.

When we are in bed together after sex, I run my hands over her body to remember her shape and feel. Late at night, alone, I use the mental map of her body I’ve built in my mind to feel closer to her.

I doubt she believes me when I tell her, but she has a perfect body.

I will not deny there’s a physical connection, but what stood out from the beginning was how similar our stories were. For a decade, an ill spouse and no sex meant we didn’t have to explain things to each other because there was an immediate understanding between us.

Falling in love wasn’t in the cards for me because I thought I just needed sex. Through Teresa, I’ve come to understand what skin hunger is and know I, too, was suffering from it. The lack of intimacy I attributed to a lack of sex was actually due to having no one to snuggle with. No one to give me a loving touch or any sort of contact at all.

I did fall in love with Teresa, and more quickly than I would have expected. She’s such a positive lady who’s full of energy and encouragement. I take a lot from her. There are days when she carries me through the fog, and while she says the same of me, I’m not sure she’s getting an even trade.

I know in my heart that we were meant for each other, and if we could do it all again, that we’d have been happy together. Who knows, maybe one day we will be. I’ve dreamt of running away to South America and living out my retirement in the sun, but I couldn’t bear to do it without her.

What we have probably looks like a bad idea from the outside, but on the inside, it feels right. She feels right. And I know she’s the right woman for me.

Maybe I should hire him? What a guy, always with the feels, making me so happy I went back that day. All I’d say to any lady on AM is to use it to explore your world outside your comfort zone because you’ll never know what you’ll find. I’ve never gone out with a man who wasn’t taller than I was and didn’t think I would, but if I hadn’t, we’d have never met.

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