Republican Marjorie Taylor Green Makes Other Cheaters Look Good

The QAnon Capital Queen stoops to new lows

(Reuters: Erin Schaff/AP: Erin Scott)

Let me start by saying — I will never judge a cheater.

I won’t for two reasons:

  • It’s bad for business
  • It’s bad for my reputation as a cheater

That might sound strange, but I’m not about to throw stones from my glass house, but Jesus Marjorie, QAnon? And covid hoax?

I’m not sure what the IQ of the average QTard is, but I imagine it takes about three Marjorie’s worth of brainpower to form a coherent sentence. A sentence that doesn’t refer to baby-eating deep state actors or call covid the Wuhan flu, anyway.

If Washington was a swamp, I’m not sure QTard Marjorie could be trusted not to eat the blue-green algae floating on top. You know, the stuff that can kill your dog?

That girl is not going to help drain anything not attached to a cock.

Which makes me wonder, how does this woman manage to openly share her body with affair partners while remaining happily married? That must have been quite the feat, and I’d like to learn more.

I guess that she’s so nuts her husband wouldn’t dare mention it.

But a comment from a former lover, Justin Tway, a gym manager and Margorie’s former boss, is telling –

“I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.’

I’m sure.

In response, Margorie told, “It was another attempt to smear my name because I’m the biggest threat to the Democrats’ Socialist agenda.”

Seriously? Are people actually attempting to smear her name? If they are, they must be lined behind her because the only one I see trying to make her look exceedingly stupid is — her.

A QTard Covidiot adulteress from Georgia, a state that helped carry Joe Biden to the Oval Office, is the greatest threat to the Democrats? The only danger Margorie has to the Democrats is giving them covid and stealing brain cells anytime she’s around them.

In fact, I feel a little dumber just from having written about her. But from where I’m sitting, she makes adulterers look like respectable people, and I’ll take that deal any day of the week!

So, Margorie can let me know if I can give her tips on cheating because I’ll never betray you. But for the love of god, could you knock it off with the QTard conspiracies and covidiocy?

Margorie is making the rest of us adulterers look good, and I have to say, that’s pretty fucking hard to do.

So thanks, Margorie, for making the world so much more shitty that even adultery looks good.

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Any woman who’s dated in the age of text knows this

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2 comments On Republican Marjorie Taylor Green Makes Other Cheaters Look Good

  • She’s fucking wretched. And unfortunately more dangerous than one might think. In the era of Trump, right wing politics has become more of a dumbed down cesspool than it was before. These fools are perpetually triggered by keywords and somehow think they have the moral high ground. Qanon has only made things worse. Post truth. The implications are actually terrifying. Let’s hope that the majority don’t let their apathy overrule their desire for freedom and fairness when it’s time to vote. Better yet, let’s hope the Democrats are able to pass some voting rights bills to address the many problems with the current system. I hate to say that currently I’m feeling a bit hopeless about it. If it’s not modified soon we will only see more of Trumpy and MTG types.

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