How to Figure Out Who a Cheater Is From His Profile Picture

The Google Reverse Image Search — Another reason not to reuse an online photo in your cheater profile

In five of these pictures, the men’s faces were clear, unobscured and they were using them as their main profile pic. The skier is a stock photo, and I’d never trust someone who did that. I’d rather it be blank than fake. Who uses a fake picture(other than me of course)? (Photos: Author from Ashley Madison and Skier:Karl Weatherly/Getty Images)

I was bored today, so I decided to cruise my Ashley Madison to see if I could figure out who was sending me messages. I noticed several men used face pictures on their profile, so I focused on them.

Turning to Google, I googled “reverse image search” and spent a few minutes figuring that out. It wasn’t hard. To make sure it worked, I selected a picture of mine that I knew was posted online and plugged it in. In a few seconds, there it was, with links to the places it had been posted that clearly identified me.

In all, used eight profiles that were using face photos and went through them one-by-one. Of the eight, six didn’t come back with anything. One of the two that did was a stock photo from Getty Images. I chose it because I thought if it were original, it would definitely identify the man:

(Karl Weatherly: Getty Images)

The final one led me straight to the man’s professional online profiles. Those including an industry website, as well as a Facebook page in his name. I crept his profiles and noticed in the picture he used for Ashley Madison initially had his wife in it, but he cropped her out.

I’m not judging another cheater, but that is a little cold, sweetie.

(Photos: Author from Ashley Madison)

The man was in his sixties, so I figured he was probably a little behind the times where security was concerned. I sent him a message to let him know he needed to tighten up his profile a little.

My message to the guy I tracked down

Hi Steve [the name he used in his profile, not his real one], I’m currently pursuing a couple people, but I wanted to stop in and say two things.

  1. You’re very sexy lol.
  2. you should change your profile image to one that you haven’t used anywhere else, unless your wife and friends know you’re cheating.

It took me less than a minute to find you doing a Google Reverse Image search. I recommend not using your face at all, but if you must, take a selfie that’s not been used anywhere else. Same goes for your private pictures. Don’t worry, I don’t want anything from you (if I wasn’t already busy I might take a little piece though lol) but as your cheating fairy godmother,* wanted to tell you, you should be more careful 😉 Let me know if you have questions.

*I stole the cheating fairy godmother name from MonalisaSmiled 🙂

He thanked me, but said I’d probably be too much for him, and all I have to say to that is — I’d try to be, sweetie, I sure would try.

He was really was quite handsome and a fit looking gentleman.

How to do a reverse picture search

If you want to do a reverse image search, open up any Google search, click on “Images”, and then press the search bar’s camera icon.

(Photo: Author from Google)

That will open a new window that will let you post a link to an online photo or upload one. Plop it in, and then presto!

(Photo: Author from Google)

Earlier in the week, I wrote an article about a woman who made an Ashley Madison profile and went looking for her hub. She found him because she recognized his profile picture even though he’d used a filter on it to blur it out. How do you think she’d do if he hadn’t even bothered to do that with the eight photos I’d found?

If you’re thinking of doing a reverse image search on someone you’re interested in, pick a photo that someone else took. There’s a higher probability it will be online because the person probably posted it.

Why do a reverse picture search?

As a cheater, knowing who you’re cheating with can be an insurance policy if things get out of hand. It’s a way to remind your potential affair partner that you can hurt them if they try something dodgy. The other thing you want to do is make sure no one can do that to you.

Imagine if I wasn’t his cheating fairy godmother? What could I do to him? Blackmail him? Ruin him? Embarrass him? Exactly, and unless you have time for someone to do that to you, you’ll fix your profile pictures.


  • No face pics
  • No reused photos from Facebook or god forbid, your workplace
  • No pictures someone else has taken with their phone

The score card

Of the eight, only the skier passed the test. While I didn’t find six of the eight online, their wives or a private investigator would instantly recognize them.

And Mr. Handsome? He was a complete failure unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ask him out for a drink ❤

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