How Stupid Can Men Get? Adulterous Gift Buying Fail

A tale of two gift bags

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It sounds like the setup for a bad joke because it is.

A man walks into a jewelry store to buy a lovely gift for his wife. When the transaction’s done, he asks to make another purchase for his girlfriend. It’s their first anniversary, but he wants to use a different card and open a new account to do it.

Because the customer is always right, the clerk helps the man pick out the girlfriend’s ring, and once the sale is complete, gift wraps them and marks the bags for each lady.

It is challenging to buy gifts in an affair between married people because it’s not like you could wear a new ring or necklace around the house without being noticed. My lover bought me a Magic Wand ©, but that’s more easily explained because I have a wee toy collection I’d built up during the drought.

A single side chick is easier to buy for because they can wear what they like, so I expect that was what was happening here.

The video is a great watch, but if you don’t have the time, here’s the punchline —

For shits and giggles, she admits to having accidentally on purposemixed up the bags.

And I say good for her! I’d do the same thing. If you’re going to be that arrogant about being a piece of human garbage, you deserve everything you get.

I’m sure when wifey opened her bag with the girlfriend’s gift in it, there was a bit of a pause and some shock on his part. If he recovered quickly enough, he probably said —

“Oh, sorry, there must have been a mix-up at the store. I’ll take it back.”

Fortunately, that’s an easy one to recover from, and he’s learned a lesson too. The more dangerous and lasting thing that’s happened is wifey now has a clue about the affair. She might not know it’s a clue, but as these little puzzle pieces add up over time, they can eventually reveal the bigger picture.

Personal Security Takeaway: The fewer people who know about your affair, the better. That’s obvious but think about this clown. In treating the shop girl like a person of no consequence, he let his guard down. It probably didn’t occur to him what he’d done until one of them opened their gift. The lesson is even the little people can undo you. If you’re having an affair, keep your mouth shut.Video: Jewelry store worker explains how she exposed cheating husband | Daily Mail Online
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