How To Track Your Love Down Online if They’re Stupid

An accurate profile with revealing pics will give you away

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The woman in the story below tracked down her ex on Ashley Madison after they separated. It turns out he’d been chasing skirts the whole time they were together. They met as he was coming off another relationship, so she shouldn’t have been too surprised he was a shit.

This story is not about her, but what you can learn from her. Her ex is no different than you. He was stupid and got tracked down because of it. How was he stupid?

His profile was too specific!

As she mentions, even though his profile picture was hazy, she could tell it was him! And she found him by plugging in his details into the AM search engine.

She also mentions spotting his astrological sign, so he also put in his actual birthday/month.

It’s sad, but none of us consider ourselves to be stupid going into something. Many also think we are downright brilliant and smarter than the average bear, so when we do things, there’s no chance we could get caught, right?

Who would do or think otherwise? It’s natural to believe we have the inside edge on certain things, and we’d never knowingly do something that was dumb. But we also know we’ve done stupid things in the past.

Consider that when you’re looking at your profile — you’ve done stupid things in the past.

Don’t make your profile one of them.

Here’s her story —I Found My Ex on Ashley Madison
I wish I had done this thorough research when I started seeing

Let this story be a lesson to you! When you are preparing your profile:

  • DO NOT use your exact details: ie, age, birthday, height, weight, and location (use the biggest city around, not your hick town). I’m not talking about making up bullshit, but just use different numbers than you currently are. Add a few years to your age, change your birth month to a new astro-sign, cut an 1″ or so off your height, add ten pounds, etc. Ok, who am I kidding? Lowering your age and weight and adding height will also work, but would you rather surprise or disappoint a new potential partner when they meet you? You decide.
  • DO NOT use a picture they’ll recognize — Men, no headshots! No pics you’ve used on social media. Do not use any of the goofy filters or masks AM has. Your face with a stupid mask is still your face, and yes, she’ll also recognize any pictures you take at home. Wear generic clothes, like shirts with no logos that are in common colors like black, white, or blue. Don’t use a shirt or shorts that will show scars, tats, or birthmarks. Like she mentions in the article, women don’t need to add pictures to attract attention, so DON’T!

Could your spouse find you anyway? Sure, but the harder it is to look for you, the more likely it is that she’ll give up.

Do you know who won’t give up? Private investigators, but if your profile is vague enough, you’ll only be one of many potential targets they’ll find, so may filter you out of their search. Your advantage is that they will not intimately know you, so they will have a harder time finding you if you change your basic details. They will be experts in conducting a quick search, but the further you are outside your actual physical parameters, their odds of finding you will go down, and the cost of the search will go up, because that will take time.

They’ll narrow the potential targets down to the top five or ten profiles, which they’ll present to your partner for identification.

Consider yourself warned!

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