Cuckold Discovers Man Hiding in Love Tunnel Under Couch

When you think tunnels in Tijuana, you don’t think love

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Pamala must be one sweet catch. The married Tijuana woman’s lover, Alberto the bricklayer, built a tunnel between their houses so they could carry on an illicit affair unseen. When her hub Jorge returned home early from work, he caught the two lovers off guard, forcing Alberto to beat a hasty retreat.

In a feat worthy of David Copperfield, Alberto disappeared behind the couch, but not before Jorge spotted him make the dive. Expecting to find Alberto cowering there, Jorge couldn’t help but notice the giant fucking hole in the floor Alberto had made.

Alberto’s Love Tunnel in Jorge’s living room (Photo: Facebook).

In a fit of rage and thwarted by Pamala’s erstwhile lover, Jorge gave chase down Alberto’s tunnel of love. Finding him at home, a fistfight ensued where Alberto’s pleas to keep the affair quiet were met by Jorge’s deaf ears and fists.

What says love more than a secret tunnel? I don’t know, but I wonder if there is anything men won’t do for a piece?

Pamala must be quite the lady.Married man built tunnel in Mexico that linked him to lover’s home
A married construction worker – named as Alberto in local media – built a tunnel that linked his house to his married…

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