Ella’s She Shed Part 1 — Inspecting the Equipment

Giving the handymen a hand never tasted so good

Photo by Danielle Rice on Unsplash

“Hey, Brian… it’s Brian, right?” Mark called from across the backyard as he approached the handyman contractor he’d hired to put Ella’s shed together. Brian was older than Mark, looking to be in his mid-forties, of average height and build, with a full head of closely cropped dark hair, brown eyes, and a darkly tanned complexion that had built up over a lifetime of working outside.

“Yeah, it’s Brian. Dave’s in the shed hanging the first door. Are you Mark?”

“I sure am!” Mark replied enthusiastically as he stretched out his hand. “It look’s great! I’m so glad you guys could come on such short notice. Ella has been dying to get this thing installed since the snow melted, and when the other dudes canceled, she lost her shit.”

“No problem, I’m just happy we could fit you in. These things aren’t tough to do, but the doors are a pain in the ass, so you’re lucky you didn’t try it yourself, or you would have probably burned the thing down.” Brian laughed, letting go of Mark’s hand. “Dave and I have done about ten of these kits, and the doors are fucked.”

“I didn’t know that. I was going to, but I’ve got back-to-back trips starting today, and she didn’t want to wait until next weekend just because the other guys canceled. She nearly ripped me a new ass when I told her they weren’t coming.” Mark chuckled as he had a look at the door. Brian was leaning up against the side of the shed where it would be hung.

Peaking in, he could see Dave’s back in the darkness. He stood on the other side of a portable workbench they’d rigged to hold the installed door shut while he hammered something to the far wall. Mark noticed Dave was a big, fit, young man in his early twenties with broad shoulders, standing around 6’2.

“Hey, Dave! Mark. Thanks for coming out this morning!”

“No problem, the pleasure’s all mine!” Dave said over his shoulder as he readjusted the piece of strapping and nailed it to the wall.

Not wanting to disturb him further, Mark stepped back and turned to Brian, asking, “Have you seen my wife? She said she was coming out to see what you guys were up to and ask if you wanted anything before we left. That was ten minutes ago, and I haven’t seen her since. She’s driving me to the airport in twenty minutes, and I don’t want to be late.”

“She was here, but she said something about the garage, or neighbors, or something? Getting the mail? I don’t know,” Brian chuckled, “I’ve been married twenty-two years, and all I can say is I really don’t listen to them anymore because they all sound the same after a while!”

“Ain’t that the truth. Alright, if you see her, tell her I’m out front, loading the car.”

“Sure thing, buddy,” Brian said as he turned back to the shed.

Inside, on her knees in the darkness, Ella hadn’t missed a beat, even as Mark came perilously close to discovering them. With Dave’s hard thick cock throbbing in her mouth, she worked his bulbous head with her lips and tongue while pumping his shaft with both hands. He smelled of fresh sweat and a body wash that made her pussy drip. She was grateful Dave made just enough noise to cover her quiet moans and soft sucking sounds as she milked his pre-cum onto her eager tongue with Mark just outside.

Ella knew Dave was going to explode after she’d been working him for five minutes because he’d started fucking her mouth harder. She readied herself to receive his load by moving her hands to his hips so she could pull him into her as deep as she could. Mark had thankfully stepped back just in time because Dave was going to blow, and she could tell answering Mark had pushed him over the edge. When he exploded into her mouth, Ella listened to Mark and Brian laughing about not paying attention to her.

Of course, Mark sometimes didn’t pay attention to her, she thought as she continued to fuck Dave’s cock with her mouth, his cum overwhelming her ability to swallow it, but Brian? There was no doubt Brian had been paying attention she smiled as sperm drained down her chin onto her chest.

As she tenderly kissed and licked Dave’s head and milked his shaft gently, maintaining pressure on him as his spasms slowly subsided.

She knew Brian had paid attention to what she’d said because he was next…

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