Should Sex With a Robot Be Considered Adultery? Hell No!

But that’s today — what happens in 25 years?

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A recent survey asked people about their thoughts on having sex with a robot sex doll. It’s an interesting question because they are right around the corner, and for some, it might be just what they need.

I heard a full-time independent sex-worker on a call-in-show twenty years ago talk about some of her clients. Like most people, I thought more about women hanging around hotel lobbies and street corners than the services she provided. What stood out was a man she worked with who had a skin condition all over his body and had never had a relationship because of it. Would a robotic sex doll give him some companionship he needed?

Having been deprived of sex for a decade, I can tell you first-hand how lonely it can be. I’m not sure a robot would have filled the void, but you know what? I would have tried one before trying adultery. Why? To see if a life-sized doll with a dildo might have reduced my skin-hunger induced loneliness, but let me live within my vows.

Of course, that leads to the obvious question — is having sex with a sex robot cheating?

I say no.

The survey asked three questions on 26–27 February 2020. I point that out because life hadn’t turned to shit at that point and expect someone trapped in an apartment on their own might have rethought their answer. That notwithstanding, here are the questions:

If you had a partner who had sex with a robot, would you consider it cheating?

27% said yes, 31% said no, and 41% didn’t know or preferred not to say.

27% said yes!! Holy shit, Batman! But I get it. When I masturbate, I do it alone and without letting hub know I am. He doesn’t like the idea and has, on one occasion, run away when I asked him to put his hand on my pussy. Because of all that, I try to be discreet, and yes, many unresolved shame issues are going on here. Meaning I can’t imagine hauling out my $10,000 sex robot, throwing it on the bed, and letting it fuck me.

This is, of course, the practical side of the question. Let us say I could have one and fuck it with hub’s knowledge. Is that any different from using a vibrator? I don’t think so.

Do you think that engaging in sex with a robot should be considered closer to resembling traditional intercourse, to masturbation, or neither?

14% said intercourse, 31% said masturbation, 21% neither, and 34% didn’t know/preferred not to say.

My question is, does it matter? Probably to some, but to me, masturbation involves doing something to yourself. If the robot could climb on and fuck away without my help, then it isn’t masturbation, while intercourse is a two-person show. I’d probably be a ‘neither’ and describe it as a sexual self-care aide.

If you think of it as intercourse more than masturbation, you’ll also likely think there’s more going on. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that the intercourse people also thought it was adultery. If you walked in on your spouse pumping his life-sized toy, what would you think?

If my hub could fuck a life-sized toy, he wouldn’t need one, is what I think. Knowing what I know about myself now, though, it would be hot to watch him fuck it or have him watch me with it.

If someone were to pay to use a sex robot, would you consider that prostitution?

17% said yes, 48% said no, and 35% didn’t know/preferred not to answer.

Maybe I’ve watched too many detective shows, but even if it were prostitution, the doll would be the prostitute, not the user, so this would be more like solicitation, but whatever. My Google law degree didn’t cover that.

Putting aside the awful idea that someone might actually rent a porta-pussy for a night or two, I cannot see how anyone could think of this as prostitution. It says something about the morality of the 10% who think it’s cheating but don’t think it’s prostitution, assuming they are the same group. What they are saying is, it’s ok to play with a porta-pussy, as long as you aren’t my spouse.

That shows some enlightenment because these people aren’t looking to deprive everyone of some pleasure based on their views.

My Prediction

Right now, these things are more fake than real, so it’s easy to see them as a toy or indulgence. There will be more robots doing more robot things in twenty-five years, and these robots will lead the pack in the personal services space. And what could be more personal, lucrative, and ethical than a rub and tug from a sexy interactive machine instead of a sex slave?

Humans will still do this work, but it will become far more exclusive and expensive, therefore reserved for the privileged rich. The masses will get the same services legally, but not the same exploitive thrill of dominating or subjugating a human.

“Alexa, does that feel good?” You’ll ask, and she’ll answer. She’ll answer because just like a modern Nintendo roleplaying game, she’ll know what feels good and what doesn’t, based on how you touch her. You’ll have to work to rank up, just like in Call of Duty, and the interactions will no longer be one-sided because the machine will know how to please you if you please it properly. You’ll fall in love with it because the AI will learn how to feed off your emotions and mirror them back to you.

Some will never live with a human again because of it.

And when that happens, more, not fewer people will call it adultery because they will begin losing their spouses to machines.

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