If You Don’t Want Her to Cheat Clean the Bloody House

The guy she cheats with is as lazy as you, but she pretends he isn’t

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A study conducted in Israel by the married dating site, Gleeden, reveals that the biggest dissatisfier at home for cheating women is their partner’s lack of help around the house.

Imagine that.

I’d never heard of Gleeden, but I like them already. They’re a cheater site run 100% by women for women, so my guess is they know a thing or two about the game. In this story from the Jerusalem Post, it’s reported that 57% of Israeli women joined the site because they are tired of hub not helping around the house.

The site also reports a 250% increase in Israeli women joining the site since the beginning of covid, and a significant number are looking to get away from their spouse. Spending 24/7 with a lazy ass can make life hard for everyone.

So what’s this telling us?

We already know women do a disproportionate amount of work around the house than their partners. We also know they are getting sick of it. So sick in fact they feel entitled to go looking for a little strange as compensation, and who could blame them? Not me.

I know with certainty her Gleeden or Ashley Madison James Bond is really someone else’s Homer Simpson, but for those few hours she can be Pussy Galore to his 007. And it feels wonderful to sip sweet wine, eat strawberries and share a tub with your lover in a way you never would with your spouse.

Cheating allows you to live a fantasy out loud and to get away from toilets, dirty floors, and homework, if only for a few hours. You can be someone else and do something you’d never dream of doing. Modern cheating is like an extension of a Harlequin romance or bodice ripper, except the orgasms are provided by someone else.

What can you do?

If you are this woman’s husband, what can you do about it? What should you do? Either let her go out and not ask too many questions or start helping out around the house. Doing that will help her relax, and if she’s less tired, she’ll be more appreciative of the things you do.

The article also mentions that women see helpful men as more attractive. Which basically means any man with rubber gloves on and a toilet brush in his hand is an automatic eight. EIGHT. While a man on the couch with a beer in his hand is a two if the kitchen’s a mess and the dog needs a walk. TWO.

Still don’t get it?

Clean a fucking toilet asshole!

You might not be James Bond, but what woman wouldn’t take a glass of wine and an hour on the couch while you clean toilets? Once you’re done the wine should be kicking in and at that point she might enjoy some attention. Do that often enough and she may be less interested in stepping out to find some relief from YOU and her boring life of domestic servitude.Lack of help in household chores drives women to infidelity, study finds
The leading cause for Israeli women looking to have extramarital affairs online is a lack of support with household…www.jpost.com

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