He Stopped In for a Quick Lunch Time Fuck

Just another Friday afternoon at the home office

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I do miss working out of the main office, but there are some perks with working from home.

Him — done work. Heading to Walmart for Christmas lights.

Me — We could fuck if you wanted to come over

Him — Are you joking? I would love to ❤

Me — Not kidding. You could just walk in

Him — Really?

Me — Yes. Right now

Him — When does hub come home?

Me — 4. I’ll unlock the door. Come in like you own the place

He never gets the afternoon off, so I thought it was worth a shot when his text came in. I’ve been missing him so much, and this stupid COVID is going in the wrong direction, so we have to take our opportunities when they come.

My lover of the last two years was at the door ten minutes later. And before you think it, yes, having your affair partner over to your house is dumb. But after a decade of a sexless marriage, I feel a subconscious need to make up for it, so make bad decisions sometimes.

But…my bad decisions are always calculated. There’s regular traffic to blend in with, there’s easy parking in front of our row of townhouses, and I was horny. Two of these three things helped mitigate the risk.

I was giddy, waiting for him to arrive and getting wetter by the second. Just that morning, I was wondering when I’d see him again hoping it would be soon, and it was! Only four hours later.

I couldn’t stop looking out the window for his car. I have a good view of the street from my home office, where I’ve been trapped since April, and couldn’t stop looking.

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He did as I recommended and walked straight up to the door and into the house after pulling up. I was waiting for him out of view of the street so no one would see us together.

Once in the door, I pulled him into my office for a long kiss. God, it felt so good to be in his arms. I was a little nervous, though, like a schoolgirl doing something very wrong with her boyfriend, even if the stakes were so much higher now.

Shutting the door, I began undressing as he took his shoes off. I’d cleared the daybed in the room for our fun and lay back on it.

“God, you look so good,” he said gazing at me as he fiddled with his belt.

“So do you. Are you nervous?” I asked. We’d been here together before, but the risk increases the longer you live in a place as people naturally recognize your comings and goings.

As I lay there, he reached for the waistband of my panties and pulled them off. Diving into my pussy, he eagerly kissed and sucked away. His mouth felt so good as I tugged my nipples and moaned,

“That feels so good…God, so good…”

The grey afternoon light from the low fall sun filled the room in long shadows. He asked if we should close the blinds, but I said no. No one could see in. I’ve worked in the room since April and have never had anyone look through the window.

Laying there, enjoying his tongue, I wondered what my coworkers were doing. Were any getting their pussies sucked while their family was off at work? I hope so because it felt wonderful.

When he stood, I could see his erection dripping pre-cum. I wanted to taste him. He’d been ready for me walking in the door so had other ideas.

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Climbing on to me, he wasted no time pressing his cock into my gaping wet hole and slowly burying himself in me. As he fucked me, I recalled a Penthouse Letter I’d read as a teen where an older neighbor seduced a young wife in his apartment building.

They would make love during the afternoons while her husband was at work. She must have been quite inexperienced because he wrote about how he was the first man to go down on her. He introduced her to anal sex too.

I loved that story. It was so sexy. I used to furiously finger myself, imagining how wonderful it would be to have sex all afternoon as she did.

As my lover fucked me, I thought of her. She and her afternoons with her lover and wondered if she felt anything like I did.

I’m sure she felt completely loved in the arms of a man who wanted nothing more than to please her physically and emotionally. That’s how I felt.

“Oh god, I’m so close,” he uttered, pumping me.

“You can cum if you like. I don’t mind,” encouraging him as I stared into his stunning blue eyes.

“Mmmmmm,” he gasped as he rammed himself into me, harder now, to finish himself. I love the sounds he makes when he’s coming. He holds his breath, then forces the air out, and then takes another, only to hold it again. Grunting as he buried each jet of sperm deep inside me, I clung to his back and urged him on.

After he came, we got up and dressed. Once finished, he pulled me back to the daybed and held me close as we kissed and cuddled. It was all such an unexpected quickie we were still both in awe that it had just actually happened.

“It was an afternoon delight,” he joked, recalling the song from our childhood.

Me — That was exciting. Thank you ❤

Him — Loved every moment. It was very exciting. You are so beautiful. I can never have enough

Me — Well you are handsome and sexy, and I can’t get enough

It really was an afternoon delight.

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