She Cheats For a Reason So Consider Her After Sex Needs

Never leave her feeling you aren’t grateful for using her body

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When my husband and I were having sex, he would often fall asleep for a few minutes after his orgasm while I cleaned up. We weren’t incredibly snuggly, though, but I wasn’t as needy then either. By needy, I mean in need of physical touch to get through my day.

In our marriage’s early years, I was getting both my physical and emotional needs met and never considered having an affair. Although there was this electrician at the house I could have easily fucked one time, but didn’t.

Not all women are emotional beings who need intimacy along with their sex. Some just want to fuck for sport or pleasure, while others do it more as a hobby they can call their own. Some are bored or bored with their partners, and others just aren’t getting the O’s they need. I salute them all!

But some are missing the intimacy and a loving touching, and have gone looking out of network for someone to give it to her. With all the women and all the reasons they cheat, you may not know that’s what she’s looking for, and she might not tell you either.

Whatever her reasons, you should always consider the idea that she might want you to hold on to her after you’re done. A cuddle or hug with your arm draped across her body as you lay there. Share your body warmth with her and caress her with your hand and fingers. Cup her breasts and gently pull her nipples. It’s the little things.

Appreciate her body for a few minutes. For me, twenty minutes is perfect. I need to feel loved, and that should always come in the aftercare portion of any date. Even now, my lover of two years will still hold and caress me. We had a quickie in my home office not too long ago, and after we dressed, he invited me to lay with him on the daybed in my office space.

We weren’t there long but managed to lay face to face, kiss, and hold each other. It gave us a chance to connect after sex and confirm our feelings for each other. I don’t mind him using my mouth or pussy to satisfy himself quickly, as long as he meets my need to be touched in return.

The other thing to consider is that she doesn’t even know she’s cheating to replace lost intimacy. When I started, I was so cock-starved I thought that was my problem, but as I became more satisfied sexually, I realized I missed being touched. And it seems natural that I gravitated to the man who not only wanted to, but was best able to give me what I needed — every time we met.

So, what to do? You don’t need to be a soft mushy wimp with a top-knot to spoon her and tug her nipples as she dozes in your arms. All it takes is you scootching across to her, wrapping her in your arms, and holding her. Not as if your life depended on it, but as if hers did.

After my date with the monster cock guy, he started looking at his watch and ran me a bath for some reason, but didn’t get in. I like baths, but I don’t need to go to a hotel to enjoy one. What I wanted was some hugging and kissing, not “rub-a-dub-dub no men in the tub,” before bedtime.

In comparison, my lover and I were in a room with a jacuzzi tub not long ago. After sex, he was in the washroom and called me in to ask if I’d wanted to take a bath together. Of course, I did! I didn’t do it for the bath, but for the together.

We laughed and finished our wine as we chatted away, all the while caressing each other’s legs under the water as we relaxed face to face. It was beautiful, and it reminded me of why I love that guy.

A nice cuddle will show her you appreciated the sex and are grateful she let you have her pussy. And if you do that in a kind and natural way, it might mean a second or third date. If you’ve been in the hunt anytime at all, you’ll know women run the show. So anything you can do to make her feel respected can never be wrong if a second date is on the line.

Don’t force her into it because we aren’t all the same, but I’d also say don’t let her tough-talking attitude scare you from trying. She might be like that to protect her heart. If you scootch in and she stays, she wants it. If she starts fishing her panties out of the bedclothes and getting up, she doesn’t. Go with her.

But remember, your job is always to try.

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