Stormy Daniels’ Text From the Guy Who Ghosted Her Four Years Ago

Any woman who’s dated in the age of text knows this story

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You know the ones. The pathetic texts that come in the middle of the night from guys who dropped off the face of the earth. Usually back to sniff around for a piece after getting dumped or some shit.

If you’re not giving it up, the convo’s follow the same pattern and end the same way. As if they really think a booty call is coming after they went no contact four years ago.

1:31 AM, EST, Sunday, November 8th, 2020

(212) 832–2601 — hey baby what u doin?

Stormy — who dis?

(212) 832–2601 — new number, its Don

Stormy — Don?

Don — yeah, Don, you know, The Donald

Stormy — Don? really? It’s been a while, what do you want?

Don — you know, looks like I’m in between things right now, and I was just thinking about us

Stormy — US?

Don — no, not US, lol, I never think about the US.

Don — I was thinking about you and me

Stormy — there was no us don

Don — i know, but there could have been

Stormy — we had an affair when your wife was pregnant so what was there going to be?

Don — I don’t know, maybe we just got off to a bad start

Stormy — you mean when I spanked your ass with a magazine that had your face on the cover?

Stormy — or when you compared me to your daughter?

Don — LOL, you remember that?

Stormy — um, yeah, it was in my book

Stormy — I compared your cock to a toad.

Don — you wrote a book? Was I in it?

Stormy — yes Don, you were in it

Don — Didnt see it. I’ve been busy. Did it do good?

Stormy — yes.

Stormy — WTF do you want Don

Don — I just wanted to say hey, that’s all. See what your doing. I miss you

Stormy — you miss me? You paid me $130,000 to stay away from you

Don — oh that. That was just business, nothign personnel. U know that right?

Stormy — I owe you $300,000 in legal fees from 2018

Don — I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about us

Stormy — Sweetie, you still haven’t paid me the $40,100 in legal fees from last august

Dom — I’ll take care of that. Sorry. I miss u

Stormy — you do?

Don — yeah, and that thing you do

Stormy — you know, we shouldn’t b talking right?

Don — I miss u

Stormy — your drunk arnt you?

Don — i had a few, it’s been a shitty week

Stormy — I’ll say, where are you now

Don — home

Stormy — wheres wifey?

Don — nyc

Stormy — everythink ok

Don — I guess

Stormy — so you thought you’d text me?

Don — idunno, I guess so

Stormy — how did I get so lucky

Don — i miss you, thats all

Stormy — you just want to get in my pants again

Don — NO…well, lol what do you think?

Stormy — I think you’re an asshole

Don — can you come to florida for a couple days

Stormy — you’re an idiot, you know that?

Don — just need some cheering up

Stormy — you almost destroyed the country

Don — I could destroy you’re pussy

Stormy — how, by laying on your back and doing nothing like you always did?

Stormy — I destroyed my own pussy you lazy fuck

Don — lol. Don’t be like that you always came back for more

Stormy — you weren’t orange then

Don — orange is the new black

Stormy — is that a joke?

Don — I guess not lol

Stormy — I gotta go don good chat.

Don — don’t go

Don — you still there?

Don — where’d u go

Don — hellooooo

Don — hey

Don — hi?

Don — fucking bitch

Don — skanky slut who would fuck you whore?

Don — I’m sorry baby, you know how I get

Don — ok, I get it , soory

Don — fuck you bitch I’m keeping the $40K so fuck you

  • This text conversation is a work of fiction and if it bares any resemblance to actual or future events, that is entirely coincidental.

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