I Don’t Like Writing Sex Stories

Because I’m a boring geek who likes boring geeky things

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He has this fantasy about being sucked while fully clothed by a woman on her knees, who is also fully clothed. It’s kind of like an office sex fantasy where the boss asks him if she can suck him off in her office.

When he asked me to do it, I thought, sure, why not?

As I sucked him, I could tell that he was into it by how he stroked my hair as I worked. He’s a gentle lover, so when he touches my head, it isn’t to guide me but show me affection. He also lets me know when he’s going to come, and always backs off, instead of trying to bury his cock in my mouth.

What I love the most is how he tries to hold onto the moment. By flexing his abs and butt, he tries to stop from climaxing and says the longer he does that, the better it feels.

The cute noises he makes doing it are what turn me on.

I’m the world’s most boring adulterous. Last Saturday, lying in bed with my lover, I pulled out my laptop. I showed him my Medium stats and explained how the platform works. He knows I write about us because he reads everything I write in draft before putting it out.

PRO TIP — He doesn’t follow me on any social media. Following a lover is an excellent way to attract attention. If every single one of your posts is liked by person X, then it’s likely person X (if not your spouse) is a lover. Who else would LOL all your boring shit?

He said he was interested, but I’m not sure because I’m a bit of a deep diver rather than a small talker. Many people with ADHD aren’t good at small talk, and whether that’s true or not, I suck at it. What I am good at is boring people with a level of detail in a conversation they didn’t expect. On a subject, they know little about and have less interest in.

It’s a gift.

Don’t get me wrong, before I pulled out my laptop, my boyfriend had just pulled out of me. After draining a few weeks of pent-up energy deep into my pussy that is. Because I like sex, I just don’t always want to tell you about it. You don’t need to know how he accidentally came in my hair that time I turned my head the wrong way at the wrong time.

I don’t always want to tell you about how I sucked him off in the hotel. Or how the foreplay turned into the main event when he came in my mouth instead of mounting me.

And this is the reason why I prefer sex with a long-term partner. I get turned on by knowing how they move and what their sounds mean during sex.

I don’t know what it is, but I get this sense of accomplishment by making my man come. There’s a sort of satisfaction I can’t describe when I use a combination of my mouth and hand on his cock to get him off.

Usually, I like to get his cock wet with saliva and his pre-cum. When he’s nice and slick, I’ll take my mouth off of him and slowly jack him off while I watch his body.

Sometimes he’ll watch me, but most of the time, he lays back with his eyes closed and takes in all the sensations. I like that the most because then his movements are natural and not put on for me.

As I go on, I will alternate between mouth and hand until he’s ready. Usually, he’ll tell me if he wants to come in my mouth or jack him off. I like both. But when he comes in my hand, his semen pulses out in jets over his belly as he bucks his body in response to my touch. It’s mesmerizing.

As you can see, I can write about sex. But as one of my Medium friends Roz Warren says, she prefers to read my other work focused less on the sex and more on the broader issues that lead me there. And so do I.

But I also know where the reads comes from.

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