How Not To Become a Movie Star On An Adulterous Sex Date

Pay attention to the boring shit because that’s where you’re vulnerable

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I write about all the boring shit you should do to keep you safe while cheating. I can tell from my reads and claps who appreciates this advice and who doesn’t. My aim in writing is twofold — entertainment and education. My education articles get less attention, but my hope is the people who need this advice are getting it.

The place you choose to do your first meeting to establish chemistry is probably going to be different than the place you’re going to have sex. In fact, I recommend it. Having sex the first time you meet is risky.

So, ideally, that’ll be your second date. You still need to keep your guard up because some people can act like they are decent for a couple of dates until they can get you in a vulnerable position.

If you’re feeling good, though, it’s probably a good sign.

When you finally decide to get busy, you’ll have a few other things to consider once you’re in the room.

Are You Being Recorded?

You’ll have to check things out.

Ask yourself this question when you enter the hotel room or the other person’s car for sex, so have a look around. If you know you are and are ok with it, you’re alright. The issues start when you’re recorded and don’t know it’s happening.

Porn Hub has many examples of sexual situations where it’s clear that only one of the participants knows they are being recorded. This is more likely to happen if you don’t have control over the space. And what I mean by that is he books the room and is already in it when you meet him.

If you want to see what some of these videos look like, search Pornhub for — “secret recordings.”

Pro Tip: Men, do not under any circumstances secretly record your date. If she is giving you her body, appreciate her, and if you want to make a recording, ask first — she might surprise you by saying yes.

Now, if you’ve looked at a few of the videos, think about what was going on. What did you notice? What was the title of the video? How many camera angles did you see? Where was the camera placed? How many beds were in the room? Which bed did he choose? Why did he choose the bed he did? Why did he position her on the bed like that?

When I watched these videos, I noticed the titles usually state they were secret recordings. I also thought the ladies were often positioned in the room to capture her front as much as possible without making it evident to her. They chose the bed closest to the camera because most often, they only seemed to have one camera.

I don’t think the women knew they were being recorded because they never looked at the camera. Most people will look at a camera when they know where it is.

After watching a few videos, if you did, ask whether or not hubby would recognize her face in a video like that? Most men who secretly tape women want to show her face and conceal their own. And to do this, he will position her towards the camera while his back is to it. This means that if he’s directing the activity, you will be facing the camera more often than not. So, have a look around and ask yourself if anything looks out of place.

When you meet in a room he’s booked, pay attention to where he puts his stuff down. He may have already checked out the best camera angles and set it up. Cameras aren’t big, but they have to be placed at or above bed height to catch the action.

Scan the bed-height surfaces first — dressers, nightstands, closet shelf if the door is open, window ledges, chair backs. Open the curtains and have a look at the view while checking for cameras on the windowsill.

What you are looking for is things of his own he may have placed on those surfaces. Is the bag on the table pointed towards the bed? Could the ball cap on the dresser have a camera inside it? What about the jacket over the back of the chair?

If you see things that could hide a camera, shift them around a bit. Or throw your jacket on top of them. Rotate the bag on the dresser so that whatever side was facing the bed now faces a wall.

Do it casually, so you don’t draw attention to yourself doing it. One way is to move something to make room for something you put down, like push his bag out of the way and put your purse down beside it.

Don’t have sex in the spot he’s trying to put you in. Take it to the floor, couch, other bed, or bathroom.

Think of the lighting. Tell him you’d rather have sex in the dark and turn the lights down low and draw the curtains if it is daytime.

You don’t need to be weird about this, have fun without letting him know you’re looking for recording devices.

Don’t forget; you’re meeting for sex. He’s not going to bail because you foiled his secret plot to make a home movie (if he had one).

Just be smart about it.

Control the Space

The best way to avoid all of this is to rent the room yourself so you can control it. If you are worried about a secret video, pick and pay for the hotel or meeting location yourself. If you can’t, try to control the space anyway by recommending a third location.

Why? They will be less comfortable outside of places they are familiar with if they make a habit out of taping women.

If the guy uses the same hotel and room layout, he’ll know where his cameras should go. Making him use a new location will make it harder for him to record you discreetly because he’ll have to think about where to put his device.

If he offers to take you to his business because it’s free, think about that. He could have it hard-wired for recording sex already.

Until you can trust him, you have to keep your potential affair partner off balance by not letting him make the plans or control the location.

Little things like having sex in your car instead of his can avoid secret recordings.

This isn’t only a women’s security issue. For ‘honeypot traps’ to work, they need evidence of your wrongdoing. And what better proof of your cheating to blackmail you with than you starring in your own sex tape?

This section focused on women’s safety more so than men because men are more likely to be the aggressor in this situation.

The bottom line is establishing trust. Until you know what your affair partner’s up to, don’t trust them at all.

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