Don’t Be Rudy Giuliani — How To Spot Adulterous Honeypot Traps

You aren’t that sexy

Spilled honey on a counter. Avoid the honeypot trap.
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Is anyone surprised Rudy Giuliani fell for the Borat honeypot trap? They shouldn’t be. Men fall for this one all the time. Learn how to spot and avoid them.

To understand how to spot the honeypot trap, you first need to know how most women communicate about sexy things and why.

How women communicate about sex

Women get hit on every day of their lives. They get checked out, they get ogled, or just plain stared at. They can’t wear form-fitting clothing and walk past a man without him looking at her figure. Sometimes she dresses for a particular man’s attention, but more often than not, she does it because she likes the clothes.

Women check men out. The difference is women are better at hiding it. Today, as in the day you are reading this sentence, women who display any sexual interest are murdered in some countries, and female genitals are mutilated in childhood, so they can’t enjoy sex as adults.

The take-away is the world hates women and hates women who like sex even more.

We may be more progressive in the west now, but that didn’t happen by accident. It took work. Even now, women in western countries are openly criticized for sexy things. Think about the response to WAP by Cardi B. People don’t like the idea she’s singing about a P, let alone a WA one.

How women talk to men

I have a girlfriend who, on her 40th birthday, was ID’d before she bought drinks at a stadium. She was, of course, flattered. As a blue-eyed and blond sweetie, she has to be careful saying — “hello.”

When she says “hello,” and speaks kindly to men, some think she has a sexual interest in them. Now, imagine if she were to compliment a man on his eyes or legs? Some would probably take it as a marriage proposal. Why?

Men are idiots who lie to themselves about how they look.

What’s this mean for the honeypot trap?

It’s unlikely that a random woman is going to saddle up to your ugly fat old ass and say something to make you think she wants to have sex with you. Instead, most women will be cautious about making sure she doesn’t give you the idea she wants sex with you.

Few women let men know they are sexually interested until they’ve established a rapport. They establish a rapport, so they know you are safe. Sure, women have one-night stands, but they will always do a creeper check on you before letting you know it’s a possibility. Normal women will not get sexy with you very quickly.

Enter Rudy Giuliani

Wealthy and powerful men like Rudy, who are ugly and old, also need to look out for honeypot traps. Of course, they are more likely to be in a position to do things for women, so they may be used to the idea of sex being exchanged for help.

But make no mistake. If you are ugly and old, you are ugly and old. There’s a pretty good chance she’s using sexy talk because she wants something other than your cock.

As a man, you already know how often women hit on you out in the wild. If your answer is “never,” then when it happens, your first instinct should be to ask –

“Is it a honeypot trap?”

And you do that because you are still your ugly old self that you see in the mirror every morning. You haven’t changed one bit, so if my friend says hello, in a particular way, it isn’t because you’ve transformed into a sexy chick magnet.

It’s more likely that she wants something from you.

Men go wrong in cheating because they will respond to a message from a woman and assume it’s legit. If she starts telling you how sexy you are from your photos, and even though you know you aren’t, you’ll probably think —

She really does see me for who I am. I should marry her.

But you’d be wrong.

Men, I’m looking at you

If you don’t want to be Rudy Guiliani and star in a Borat movie, take stock of yourself. Know who you are and how women typically react to you. If you don’t get hit on at the supermarket or anywhere else, you will not get hit on, on a dating app unless it is a scam.

Your movie will be less Borat and more, “I’ll send this to your wife/boss/children if you don’t give me $$$.”

The difference between a honeypot trap and catfishing is you never meet the catfisher. What makes the honeypot trap harder to refuse is you do get to meet the honey. And that’s the trap you can’t get out of if you do meet.

If you aren’t working as hard as you normally would to get her attention, even if for an affair, something else is going on. If she is out of your league, you are being played. And in most cases, all she wants is your money.

Don’t be a Rudy. Be a smarty.

You aren’t that sexy.

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