Losing Weight and What My Affair Partner Said About It

What all men should say to their women

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I put on more than my fair share of Covid weight. At first, I had a routine and was maintaining my weight. Through the late spring, though, eating became one of the only diversions I had other than Netflix.

There’s no chill in our house, and the last time there was chill, there was no Netflix.

By early summer, I had gained about twenty-five pounds or so. More than I needed and the hub started in with his usual ‘pig jokes.’

It wasn’t until a girlfriend mentioned I was looking a little tired that I decided to do something. I was feeling sluggish and needed to shake it off.

So I joined Weight Watchers, not thinking it would work, but I’ve lost thirty-five pounds so far.

I met my lover a handful of times as I expanded and contracted, but he never said a word. And based on his enthusiasm for my body, he didn’t seem to notice my tighter bras and pants.

But when he finally did say something, I nearly cried.

On our way home from our last date, we talked about my weight loss and the goals I set. I feel comfortable talking about my weight with him because he’s so supportive.

I explained,

“I wanted to be sexy for you. I didn’t want you to lose interest.”

“I doubt that’s possible,” he replied.

“You’re not upset my boobs are smaller?” I wondered aloud. They are my greatest asset, I thought.

“No. And just so you know, they’re still not small.” He laughed dryly.

“Oh, good! I was worried.” And I was. He’d never said anything about my gains or losses. The most he’d done was say that I should be proud of myself for sticking to my diet.

I thought he wasn’t attracted to me anymore.

“Worried about what? You look great! I love how sexy you are, but I won’t talk about your weight.”

“Why?” I was curious.

“Because I love you the way you are. And, yes, I do think you’re sexy now. You should be proud of yourself for losing weight.” He paused. I held my breath as I waited. What would he say?

“If I praised you for losing weight now, how would it make you feel if you put some back on, and I didn’t say anything?”

That left me thinking.

Hubby had praised my weight loss and always has. But he’s called me names when I put it back on too. It’s gotten so I won’t let him see me naked and wear long, loose-fitting nightgowns to hide around him.

Even still, he comments on my body. Last year, he told me that I was starting to get an old lady ass, whatever that is.

As he was saying it, I thought, I’m pretty sure my lover wouldn’t have put his cock in it, if there was a problem.

“Besides,” my lover smiled, “you were just hot thirty-five pounds ago.”

I was relieved. He’s the first man to consider my feelings in a long time, and it felt good. My body’s been a target of ridicule for nearly three decades of marriage. It gnawed away at self-esteem for longer than I can remember and left me doubting anyone could see me as attractive.

But from the first nude I sent, my lover has only told me how great my body is.

In the beginning, I used to hold my boobs up with my arm for pics because they’re a little further south than they used to be. When I was young, you could hang picture frames off my nipples and they wouldn’t move, but time and gravity haven’t been kind.

After a few pics, he asked me to stop holding them up. He wanted to see them hang naturally.

I was petrified. What if he runs?

When I finally sent what he wanted, he gushed! I had a hard time believing it at first and still do.

He emailed back almost immediately:

They’re fantastic! They make me hard just looking at them! So sexy…You’re silly to worry about it, he wrote.

And that’s how it’s been our whole relationship. Never an unkind word, and only praise.

When I’m naked in front of him, he tells me how beautiful I am, and based on what happens to his cock, mmmm, I don’t think he’s lying.

He made me feel so good that day. To explain my weight with my feelings in mind was something I’ve never experienced.

I’m sure I’m not alone, though.

If only all men could talk to their women about weight like my lover does with me.

Having someone truly accept my body for what it is slowly freed me from the years of embarrassment and shame I’d felt.

And people ask why I cheat.

My question is — why wouldn’t I?

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