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The latest in my How to Cheat Series

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Hey, there sports fans! And by sports, I mean bed sports. Here’s my latest! It’s a compilation of all my #ThisHappenedToMe sexy stories in one spot for you to have and to hold!

Now I get it. My last ebook, Adulterous Profile Tips for Men, might look a little shady on your Kindle, but this one? Never!

Owning this one just makes you look like a perv, and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

So dive right into my sexy adventures and follow my ride from dotting wife to dotting wife with a side piece! If you’ve missed out on some of my sexy adventures, buy my ebook and catch up!

As an added bonus I’ve included an audio link to my best selling erotic short story — Overtime, narrated by the lovely Jupiter Grant!

Warning — Before you listen, give yourself 30 minutes of privacy, earphones, and a free hand, so you can listen as Ella is forced to work late with her new boss-lady MILF!

You can borrow it on Kindle Unlimited or buy it on Amazon today for $7.99!

Why would you buy my ebook you ask? Because mommy needs a new purse🙏🏻❤️*

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*this not an affiliate link, it really is the purse I need, by which I mean, want. I get nothing for putting the link here, but wanted you to know, in the spirit of full transparency, that this what my first world problem looks like right now🥺

*or just buy me the purse. That will also work. Email for details at

How to get to Amazon in your country

For non-US buyers, when you press the link, you may see that the title is “unavailable.” This means you need to buy it from your own Amazon site in your home country, such as or Often when you press an Amazon link from outside your home country, a notice appears in the top right of your screen that will let you switch to your own Amazon site.

The cheater’s way to do it (so, of course, my fav) is going to the address bar and replacing the “.com” in the book’s URL with your own “.ca” or “.au”, etc.; while leaving everything else the same. Doing that will take you to the book where you live!

NOW BUY MY PURSE (erm, ebook, yeah, buy my ebook!) —My Adulterous Tales: The How to Cheat Series
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Look out for my next title in the series — The Adulteress and Why She CheatsComing to Amazon soon!

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