15 More Answers to 15 Quora Adultery Questions

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This week has been a little more asshole oriented. Men can be shit sometimes. Don’t be like some of these men.

DEAR TERESA: Can you really save a marriage if only one wants to?

DEAR TALKING TO THE WALL: Is it really worth saving if only one person wants it? That’s the question you need to ask, because I’m sure you could try really hard to save it on your own and still get nowhere. I don’t envy you.

DEAR TERESA: Has your spouse ever gave you a “hall pass”? If they did, would you take advantage? Would you give your spouse a hall pass?

DEAR HALL MONITOR: No, I haven’t and yes, I would take one. Would I give him one? I would prefer not to know if he had a friend.

DEAR TERESA: Were you surprised on the first night of your wedding?

DEAR VIRGIN MARY’S BROTHER: No. I’d been with about ten or so men by then.

DEAR TERESA: What does it feel like to be in a consensual, incestuous relationship?

DEAR PERV: Eh? How the fuck would I know that? One interesting thing is people who are reunited in adulthood with an opposite sex parent after an adoption situation usually end up having sex. It’s more common than people realize. But yuck!

DEAR TERESA: Do girls on dating apps actually want to chat and meet you?

DEAR CHATTY CATHY: Yes, but they don’t want to see your cock. Try to remember that.

DEAR TERESA: Is it possible for one partner living with HIV and one is not having it, but they sleep together without using protection?

DEAR GUY LIVING IN THE THIRD WORLD: Of course it’s possible. In fact it’s the best way for both people to get HIV.

DEAR TERESA: What constitutes infidelity in a marriage?

DEAR WHERE’S THE LINE: To me, any sexual touching.

DEAR TERESA: Have you ever been bedridden and had a significant other argue with you accusing you of cheating when you’re innocent? You’re already sick but they make it worse with their pointless arguing?

DEAR LIVING WITH AN ASSHOLE: That’s a horrible situation. I’m sorry.

DEAR TERESA: If you could get away with cheating on your partner and they would never find out, would you do it? Why or why not?

DEAR LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD: I am doing it, so yes, but there’s no guarantee I’ll get away with it. Why do I do it? We stopped having sex eleven years ago, and I waited for nine before deciding to take control of my sex life back. I might be more of a slut if he’d never find out, but it is hard to conceal an affair.

DEAR TERESA: How can I make my husband understand that I am not ignoring him because of baby? It’s just that I don’t get enough time for him while handling baby all alone without family or friends.

DEAR YOUR HUSBAND IS A LAZY FUCK: I’m not sure where you’re from, but in Canada I would tell him to help or fuck off. Assuming you can’t do that, why don’t you start teaching him how to take care of the baby. Tell him, if he wants to spend time with you, he should learn about the baby so you can take care of it together. If he goes for that, then say, if you could get a little more rest you would be able to spend more time with him, and get him to look after the baby on his own sometimes. And if that works, then maybe you can spend some time with him.

DEAR TERESA: What made you realise you should not record private moments with your partner?

DEAR PORN STAR: You mean making private porn? I don’t mind that. It turns me on.

DEAR TERESA: Would you be okay with your partner sleeping with someone else if you knew that at the end of the day they only loved you?

DEAR THEY REALLY LOVE ME: I wouldn’t like it at all. I like group situations and am confident in them with my lover, but solo would bother me. Of course I don’t mind doing solo myself, so am a bit of a hypocrite on that one.

DEAR TERESA: How do I get my husband to stop distracting me while I’m driving?


DEAR TERESA: Why do so many couples like to fake that their relationships are good and healthy when they are, in fact, unhappy?

DEAR GRASS ISN’T GREENER: Because they see all their friends doing it on social media and like everyone else, they don’t want to let the world know they made a terrible mistake. So, when you see the perfect social media couple, it’s more likely they have the most dissatisfying marriage.

DEAR TERESA: How do you deal with a husband who demeans you all the time and wouldn’t even care less of how you feel?

DEAR TRAPPED WOMAN: I would find someone who appreciates me, whether I stayed married or not, but I live in North America, where it’s a little easier to have an affair. Elsewhere in the world, it’s harder and more dangerous for a woman to have an affair, so I wouldn’t recommend it. If it is that unbearable, I would return to your family for a visit with your children if you have them, and not return to him. You deserve a better life than that. I’m sorry if this is your situation.

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