I Was 47 the First Time I Swallowed

And he tasted good

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He started thrusting back against my bobbing head; his breath growing ragged. He was close.

“I’m going to cum,” he grunted out, warning me to move.

And I had a problem.

We were in the backseat of my SUV in a Walmart parking lot near midnight.

“Go ahead, it’s ok,” I told him between downstrokes.

I’m sure he liked that, but I had no idea what I was going to do next.

Hubby loves his Audi, so spitting a load on the carpet wasn’t an option. I couldn’t clean it up well enough before he saw it, or explain how it got there.


His cock pulsated as he exhaled forceful breaths in time with the waves of his orgasm.

And he pulsated.

And pulsated.

Even as my mouth filled with his semen, I wasn’t sure if I was going to hold it. If I could hold it long enough to open the car door I’d be good, but I was filling up fast.

No one other than hubby’s came in my mouth, but I’d never swallowed.

My gagging always stopped that. And I wasn’t a slut!

Thankfully hubby didn’t often come in my mouth. When he did, spitting him out was easy because I was the one cleaning up, so I’d spit on the easiest thing to clean.

Even so, it’d been over ten years since this was even a problem.

And pulsated.


And pulsated.

Where was he hiding it?

And pulsated.

I was running out of options — fast.

I couldn’t keep sucking and hold his cum in my mouth at the same time. It was already starting to drain out the corners of my lips.


The door was behind me, and there was no way I could turn fast enough without ruining his moment or dropping it down the front of my blouse.


Without another thought, I lifted my chin, tilted my head, and gulped him down in two quick swallows.


Maybe I am a slut, I thought, smiling.

“Did you like that?” I looked up.

“God, yes! Thank you,” he said. “Your mouth is so good.”

Running my tongue around my teeth, clearing the rest, I swallowed again.

Considering the texture and taste, now that I had a moment to think, egg whites and a minty aftertaste were the first things that came to mind.

Not bad. Thank god. Wait. Do I like it? Hmmm, I did.

Fixing my lipstick in the makeup mirror I laughed,

“There! Better. I can’t go home looking like I’ve just sucked a cock, now can I?”

Not gagging helped. He’d stopped thrusting when he came, letting me take it in at my own pace.

He’s a considerate lover.

He’s never pressed me further than I was willing to go and always asked when he wanted to try something different. And while I didn’t know I was going to swallow him that night, he made it easier to decide.

What I didn’t expect was how much there’d be, or that I’d like it.

I’ve given him hand jobs and watched him ejaculate, but never thought about the volume, or how it would fill my mouth while his cock was in there.

I swallow him now when he wants, but he always warns me it’s coming, to give me the choice.

It’s not often though, because as he once said,

“I really like putting it where it’s supposed to go.”

And so do I.

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