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Every little bit helps when you, as a man, are looking to find an affair partner online. There is stiff competition out there for women, so you need to attract their attention. In the animal kingdom, the males use feathers, intricate dances, calls, and size to attract females. The one thing you have in common with your animal brethren is you all have to play with what you’ve got.

In adultery, all you’ve got is your profile and your messages. She’ll never see your style beyond your pics or your dance moves. Where does that leave you? With a sales job, because why should she buy your brand when the brand next door looks as good?

After spending some time looking at adultery profiles and helping a couple of men write theirs, I thought I’d put all of my work together in one place. And that place turned out to be an ebook! And not just any ebook, but an ebook with a sexy cover!

Inside you’ll see I’ve organized my writings in a sequence that lets the reader understand their profile from the outside. Seeing yourself from the outside will give you a glimpse into how others see you. In seeing the profiles and comments I review, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

Now, I have my own critical writing style, so I may have been hard on some of the profiles I reviewed for comic effect to entertain my readers, but putting the snark aside and have a look at my message.

My message? My message is — be a gentleman.

She knows she’s there to find someone for sex, and everyone there is offering sex. That means you don’t need to tell her that; she knows. What she wants to know is what happens beyond the sex. I’m not talking about long walks on the beach, but the more practical side of it.

She wants to know what will happen before and after sex. She wants to see that you’re a decent, regular, and reasonably intelligent person (other than cheating, of course).

Why? Just think about who you’d want to sit beside on a plane because before and after sex, that’s what it’s like — playing nice with someone you don’t know.

My book talks about choosing your pictures, reminds you to consider OPSEC, offers tips on profile dos and don’ts, and how to analyze your messages.

I’ve written a lot about this, but you haven’t seen it presented this way! It’s presented to bring home some fundamentals on how you can show her you can play nice.

So what’s not in the book? A template on how to write your profile.

Why? Your profile needs to be uniquely you. You need to put the information in you think is essential to your brand. Any template I could write for you could cause a mismatch between your profile and the messages you send.

I mean that the two writing styles should look the same, so she doesn’t suspect you are just mailing it in. She’ll see it right away if your profile is Harvard Professor and your messages are high school student. That will turn her off.

The other thing that’s not in the book is a list of standard messages for you to cut and paste. I suppose I could have given you a list of ten or twenty messages to model yours on, but I didn’t.

Instead, I’ll show you how to analyze your messages using a four-factor approach. I tell what’s important in a message by weighting two of those factors with higher point scores than the other two.

Those heavyweight factors are –

  • demonstrating you read her profile
  • showing how you fall within the parameters she laid out in her profile.

The other two factors are grammar and humor, because yes, boys, she will look at how you write your messages, and she wants you to make her laugh. Have you ever sat beside a Born Again Christian on an airplane? If you haven’t, you don’t want to, and neither does she.

The man in her life probably doesn’t listen to her (read her profile) or pay attention to her (work to stay within her parameters). He’s not conscientious around her anymore (grammar), and the laughs died ages ago.

Your message should clearly show (grammar) her that you will listen to her (read her profile), care what she thinks (you are what she has asked for in her profile), and make her laugh.

She wants you to make her feel special again, in the way her man once did. And where does this all start?

In your profile and the messages you send.

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