15 More Answers to 15 More Quora Adultery Questions

Well, mostly adultery questions, I answered a few dumb ones for fun.

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DEAR TERESA: If your partner asked you “what have you done for me lately?” what would your answer be?

DEAR WHAT DID I DO: “I didn’t kill you.”

DEAR TERESA: What would you do if your spouse found another person while you were in a coma?

DEAR I DON’T KNOW HOW COMAS WORK: Nothing, I’d be in a coma.

DEAR TERESA: Did your husband ever meet your lover?

DEAR MEETING: Yes and no. We once sat at tables beside each other while out for breakfast. They sat facing each other. It was sort of exciting in a dirty way. He had no idea.

DEAR TERESA: Would your spouse having a baby with someone else while in a relationship with you be enough for you to leave them for good?

DEAR BABY PAPA: My grandfather didn’t think so. It happened to him and he stayed with gran for 15 more years after that until she left him for yet another man.

DEAR TERESA: How do you put up with a husband that complains and only has energy for marital bliss 1–2 times a month?

DEAR STARVING LADY: You find a boyfriend, that’s how.

DEAR TERESA: If your significant other woke up tomorrow the opposite gender, would you still love them and want to be with them?

DEAR TRANSFIGURATION: No. I don’t swing that way. I know. I’ve tried it.

DEAR TERESA: How do you prevent your spouse from falling out of love with you?

DEAR KEEPING LOVE ALIVE: If you’re a man — clean toilets on a regular basis and make sure to pour your wife a glass of wine. A little energetic oral sex doesn’t hurt either.

DEAR TERESA: How much longer will my husband stay with me since I’ve been disabled for the past 10 years and I never get out of the house any more I’m always hurting and he has to cook, clean, and still work I worry every day that he don’t leave me?

DEAR WORRIED WIFE: If you want to keep him, let him know he can find someone to help him take care of his sexual needs if you can’t. I’m sorry for your situation but letting him go a little will keep him happier and that’s best for both of you.

DEAR TERESA: How did you forgive yourself for cheating on your spouse and not telling?

DEAR FORGIVENESS: I haven’t. I’m not sure I will. I know it’s wrong. I have to stay, but I need to be touched. It is not the best situation and I will never be proud or happy for doing it.

DEAR TERESA: If your significant other is always gushing in front of you over some actor/actress in some made-for-the-internet drama, are they signalling its time to move on, or something else?

DEAR STAR STRUCK: So, what you’re asking is — if the person in my life crushes on some celeb they will never meet, but hasn’t cheated on me, because I would have mentioned it, should I dump them? The answer is: no.

DEAR TERESA: What should I do if I am no longer in love with my fiancé?

DEAR LOST LOVE: Call it off. You will be more miserable married, than if you just walk away.

DEAR TERESA: What does gender equality mean to you when it comes to relationships and marriages? Is it strict 50–50?

DEAR COMRADE: When it comes to taking out the garbage and unblocking toilets, I let him be the man.

DEAR TERESA: Do Navajo people commit adultery? Would they get a divorce?

DEAR PEOPLE ARE ALL THE SAME: Yes and maybe, just like everyone else.

DEAR TERESA: Does anyone want to marry me and be wealthy and Powerball?


DEAR TERESA: Recently, my girlfriend told me she doesn’t want to keep me without loving me as much as she supposed to. What does that mean, and what should I do?

DEAR DONE LIKE DINNER: It means she is trying to let you down gently because you’re not the one.

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