Profile Tips for Adulterous Women

Weed out affair partners using your profile as a screening tool

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Women don’t need to put much effort into writing their profile, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Giving a guy an idea of what you are looking for will help him decide to send you a message or not. Thirsty men will message no matter what, but they are easy to spot. The guy you’re looking for is the one who reads your profile and messages you using something in it.

Be Confident

Self-confidence scares men without confidence. Tell them it isn’t your first affair, even if it is, letting them know you can spot their bullshit. That will scare off a few more.

Self-conscious or inexperienced cheaters write things like “checking this out,” or “new here.” Making themselves the target of every loser out there. If you write that old balding vultures will flood your inbox, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

The best way to avoid this is to say what sort of man you want — height, weight, cock size, build, relationship status, etc. You’re the boss.

Be Realistic

Don’t write silly things about fine dining, hiking, movies, travel, or dancing. You might like those things, but think about it — are you going out in public with your affair partner? No. Asking for a date tells everyone you don’t know how security works, and you’ll scare the smart ones off.

If a potential affair partner says those things, they don’t know what security is either. Avoid them.

Instead, say you value discretion. If someone asks why you want discretion if you’ve said hub knows, reply – “because no one else does.”

Don’t Be Polite

Women of a certain age were raised as pleasers, which means this might be hard for you. When you are sorting your messages, don’t respond to them all. You’ll get a lot of attention in the first few days, and that may feel wonderful, but ride it out. You’ll soon tire of it. Look for the ones who read your profile AND who appeal to you.

I block any guy who sends multiple messages before I reply. I don’t respond to “winks,” “likes,” or being “hot listed.” If a guy is too cheap to send a paid message, he’s too cheap to pay for a hotel.

Don’t be a jerk, but don’t bother explaining why you aren’t interested — they’ll figure it out. If you’re clear about the type of guy you want, that’s all the info they need.

Profile Pix

Posting pictures men like is easy. They want to see your boobs and ass. They won’t be offended if one of your private pictures is a close-up of your pussy. Men are interested in aesthetics and are willing to give you a try even if you don’t fit their ideal. Many men get off on the thrill of an illicit hookup, so liking your looks is a bonus. Looks are not a deal-breaker, so don’t worry about the size of your bum. Men will message you whether your profile has pictures or not.

Remember — No. Face. Pics. Ever!


Mention you’re in an open relationship, polyamorous, or a Hotwife. Even if it’s a lie, it tells men you aren’t sneaking around on your partner. Why do this? It stops the wrong people from hitting you up. Your fear of exposure is what they count on to get away with their crimes and if you don’t have any, they’ll move on.

You’ll eventually need to tell a new affair partner you lied because they’ll need to know you do have to hide your affair but until then? Shields up!

Wrap Up

Your profile should be about a paragraph long with four or five sentences. Write a few things about you, what you like, what you want in a man, and how you expect your affair to be. Enough detail to weed out the losers but enough to attract the men you’re looking for.

Give him something to respond to. That way you can evaluate his comprehension and writing skills. Check out his profile to see if he’s a fit. Respond if he is. The guy you are looking for is out there so never feel you have to compromise. You might have settled in marriage, but never settle for an affair partner.

What would be the point of that?

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