Adultery Profile Picture Tips for Men

Your pictures are important — give her what she wants.

Pro Tip — never put pictures of your face anywhere in your adultery profile. Wifey might recognize that mole on your bum, but who else will? No one. But your face? Anyone will recognize that (by Free-Photos from Pixabay).

Women don’t need profile pics to get a date on an affair site.

Men without them? Never — 101% of the time.

Yeah, it’s not fair, I know, but guess what? When it comes to cheating, women are in charge. Knowing that can work in your favour if you give them what they’re looking for.

What Women Want to See

Women want to know how well you clean up. Even if they aren’t going anywhere with you.

Why? Women want a fantasy. They want a rugged, handsome, fit, well-dressed man. A picture of you in a business suit or formal attire does this. One outdoors doing something manly works, but less so. Give her a selection. Be well-groomed and look like you’re fun, friendly and intelligent.

If you look like the person she wakes up with every Saturday, who burps and farts his way through the day, she’ll pass. If any woman sees a hint of hubby in your pics, you’ll have a hard time getting a date. The reality is, you could be like her hub on a Saturday morning, but in cheating, she’s looking for someone else; if only for a few hours. Show her you’re the guy who’ll give her that fantasy.

But be careful how far you go. Women aren’t turned on by your naked or sweaty gym pictures. Not when they are looking at your profile. Why? IT IS A HUGE TURN OFF.

Dick Pic Mystery Solved

Why are dick pics a huge turn off? You’re asking — how does that make sense on a cheating site where women are looking for cock you ask?

Well, because women are more interested in who you are. If you don’t seem like a safe or decent person, it won’t matter what your cock looks like because it’ll never get that far. She needs to feel safe to be attracted to you.

On the other hand, if your profile makes you seem like a decent person, it won’t matter what your cock looks like because she’ll be happy to work with it.

Do you understand that? It doesn’t matter what your cock lookslike because she’s not selecting you because of your cock.

If you remember anything, try to remember that decent people don’t show strangers their cock before shaking hands.

Cock Matters

Don’t get me wrong, cock matters — it matters a lot. Women just need to know it’s not attached to a creepy loser.

If you do get chatting and start sharing sexy pictures, ask her if she’d like to see your cock. Ask her what she wants to see. She might like seeing your hand on your cock with a dribble of pre-cum on the tip. She’ll let you know — if you ask.

If you send a dick pic without asking, well, good luck.

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