15 Answers to 15 Adulterous Quora Questions

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DEAR TERESA: How can I introduce myself to a housewife?

DEAR NEIGHBOR: Very carefully.

DEAR TERESA: Do you groom more or less than your partner?


DEAR TERESA: Do you turn a blind eye to your husband’s unfaithfulness?

DEAR WOULDN’T YOU BE LUCKY: I’m the cheater, so, no?

DEAR TERESA: What would you do if your spouse allowed you one week alone to do anything with anyone you wanted?

DEAR HALL PASS: I’d find someone and f*^% their brains out.

DEAR TERESA: Why do I cheat on my boyfriend we have a family with two kids is this wrong?

DEAR BORED HOUSEWIFE: I won’t say yes or no, but you may be bored of the relationship.

DEAR TERESA: Why is cheating not illegal? It is immoral and by making it illegal you don’t get repercussions, at least physical cheating, i.e. proven with evidence?

DEAR DICKTATER: Why would it need to be illegal? Marriage is a civil contract between two people. No harm comes to society, and there are civil remedies. If you were to make it illegal there would be repercussions. There would be punishment, which would include fines and potentially jail. So what happens if cheating is discovered, but the other spouse doesn’t care. Do you give them a fine or jail anyway? Making cheating criminals wouldn’t stop people from cheating any more than it stopped gay sex when it was illegal. The bottom line is what consenting adults decide to do is their private business and if a spouse disagreed, they could initiate civil action.

DEAR TERESA: If you caught your wife cheating on you for a second time, what would you do?

DEAR WOMEN MARRY WOMEN TOO: I would wonder why I was a lesbian all of a sudden.

DEAR TERESA: How do I get over my fear of cheating?

DEAR CONFUSING: Are you afraid you’ll cheat or afraid someone will cheat one you? You need to clarify.

DEAR TERESA: Can I forgive my girlfriend after she got pregnant with other man?

DEAR ANSWER THAT YOURSELF: Sure, you can. Why couldn’t you? You don’t need to crowdsourced this answer. This is only a question you can answer.

DEAR TERESA: You met someone on the internet and fall in love with the person after four months of every day communication. He invites you to visit and live with him straight away. Would you?

DEAR SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER: No. Anyone can be anyone on the net. It’s harder to be someone else in person.

DEAR TERESA: How do I make a girl cheat on her boyfriend with me?

DEAR YOU SOUND LIKE A RAPIST: Don’t be an asshole, but based on this question, that might be a little beyond you. Editorial note – Quora didn’t like this answer.

DEAR TERESA: If you had concerns that your partner is cheating and you spoke to him about it and he says “don’t contact me until you apologise”, what would you think?

DEAR I DOUBT HE CHEATED: A guilty person might fall all over themselves denying it, so, do you think they would do that? An innocent person might be greatly offended. You know him best, what do you think? My guess tho is that his indignation was just a little to great.

DEAR TERESA: On your way to school, you realize you forgot something important at home. You need to turn around but the road you’re on is narrow, and there are cars behind you and in the oncoming traffic lane. What do you do?

DEAR WTF IS THIS: I’d wonder why I read this question.

DEAR TERESA: Does God forgive repeated sins?

DEAR READ A BOOK: That’s what it said in his book.

DEAR TERESA: Should I forgive her? She slept with someone else when we took a break from each other 8 months ago, we took a break for a month . We got back together and she never told me. We’ve been dating for 3 years. The affair* was with my friend and he told me

DEAR LEARN WHAT A BREAK IS: Forgive her for what? Having sex when you weren’t seeing her? If you didn’t want her to have sex with anyone you shouldn’t have taken a break. And she didn’t tell you because it was none of your business. What you really need to do is get over it.

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