I Slept With a Woman For My Lover’s Birthday

Ticking boxes one at a time.

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My First Time With A Woman

I lay back on the hotel bed and she eased my legs apart, running her fingers over my vulva as she did. Kissing me, she pressed in, moving her fingers in circles above my clit, buried in my folds below.

Her mouth was wet and eager. I willingly returned her kiss as the heat between us grew.

Kneeling, she placed her mouth over my pussy and tentatively ran her tongue along my slit, teasing me. My wetness growing, she pushed into me, sucking my clit into her mouth, holding me there as she worked her tongue over my nub.

Pressing deeper, she entered me with her tongue, sending waves of pleasure through me.

I took in the scene as she worshiped me.

My lover placed my hand on her head, telling me to guide her.

He gently pressed his cock into my mouth as he knelt beside me. I sucked him in as her tongue lavished my drenched pussy.

Her husband bent down, positioning himself to taste her from behind.

It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

Terra Incognita

After god knows how many minutes, we switched. Time was blurred.

My turn had come. I lowered my mouth to her shaven pussy, tentatively running my tongue over her outer lips. I didn’t want to taste her but I was committed. Returning her favor, I dove in.

It was strange to touch another woman’s body, to kiss her and feel her under me. As I explored her pussy, I did the things I liked, hoping she would too.

She did. Sensing her body respond I picked up the pace, focusing on making her cum.

With my ass in the air, my lover caressed me as he watched me taste a woman for the first time. He encouraged me. He mounted me as I ate her, sliding into me with a gentle thrust, allowing me to keep me rhythm on her.

She tensed and her moans grew louder. My lover was breathing harder now, and holding my hips tightly as he thrust on. With her husband in her mouth, she sucked passionately nearing her climax.

She went first, orgasming to my touch. Her husband grunted and came a few seconds later, overtaken by lust as he watched me give his wife an orgasm. As they began to relax, my lover withdrew, and I moved to stand. Grinning widely, he handing me my wine.

“Happy birthday!” I said, smiling.

“Thank you.” He whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

His Birthday Present

I offered to have sex with a woman to fulfill his fantasy of watching two women make love. I’d never been with another woman and didn’t think I’d want to be. I hadn’t so much as felt another boob much less a pussy and I’d never thought about kissing a woman. I’m not bi, or bi-curious, or anything else. I’m still not, but this was different. It was a gift for him, like those he’d given me.

My lover is kind, attentive, and caring. Where my husband puts me down, my lover lifts me. He didn’t force, push, or beg me to sleep with her. He asked and respected my answer. We’d discussed our fantasies, and just as he’d fulfilled mine, I would fulfill his.

Finding A Couple

Finding a couple was much harder than I would have thought. If arranging a date with an affair partner is difficult, this is next-level difficult. Had we been a couple, we’d only have two schedules to consider, but we’re having an affair, so were coordinating three families.

We’d joined Adult Friend Finder to find another couple and had exchanged texts with several, but for whatever reason, it never worked out. We did meet with one pair, but there wasn’t any chemistry, and she wasn’t even playing — although we had sex with him. Another couple had a house fire the day before our date, so cancelled, and several others just didn’t work out.

Love Connection

With this couple, they reached out to us. More specifically, she reached out to me. She wanted me. She explained she’d had been with a woman before in a previous relationship, and her husband was interested in giving a threesome a try.

A few weeks of chatting followed before my lover and I finally organized a date, so we let them know where we were going to be. Having been through this before, we planed for a no-show. We had so few opportunities together, the other couple was always Plan B.

Date Night

Things were getting pretty hot as we chatted about our upcoming date. A few days before, my lover was so horny he met me late at night for a quick blowjob behind a strip mall.

On the day however, the familiar “cold feet” texts started coming in.

Them — We’re out of town and won’t be back until five.
Us — Ok. We’re here. Room 623.
Them — We’d like to stop at home first for a shower.

Us — You can shower here if you like.
Them — Having trouble getting a sitter. We’ll be there around 9 or 9:30.
Us — That’s a little late for us. We have to leave at 10.

We’d been through all of this. My lover is very controlled, so can hold his orgasm off, but as time went on, we were going to miss out on our own fun. If we agreed to them coming that late and they no-showed anyway, we’d have half an hour to finish.

Them-On our way. Be there at 8

That was more like it! Twenty minutes later —

Them-Walking in!

Thank god! This had been our fourth try since the first couple.

Nice to Finally Meet You! Let’s Get Naked.

It’s a little awkward meeting people you don’t know for sex, but that’s our life sometimes. When they knocked, I hid in the washroom. I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it. All of a sudden I was a bundle of nerves, but it was too late for that!

My lover asked them if they were nervous, and they both said yes.

“I guess I’m the only one who isn’t then!” He laughed, taking a beer from our new friends. He wasn’t nervous. He never is.

Coming out of the washroom, I said hello and poured her a wine.

After some nervous chatting, my lover recommended we get going if we wanted to have some fun. And in a flash, she whipped off her sundress and was standing naked before us.

“Well, then!” I said, dropping my towel as her hubby undressed. Things moved fairly quickly after that.

Thankfully my lover had warmed me up with half an hour of his mouth between my legs and then a slow steady fuck while we’d waited for them. I knew I’d be okay if I got a head start, and I was. He’d made sure of it!

A Happy Ending

After they left, we finished in a wild frenzy.

“What did you think?” He asked, laying back, now satisfied.

“It was okay. It’s about making each other feel good, isn’t it?”

He smiled and I snuggled in.

It is all about making each other feel good — one little tick at a time.

Happy birthday, sweetheart ❤

Author of How to Cheat: Field Notes from an Adulteress, several short stories, I'm active on Medium @teresajconway where I sometimes share my blog posts.

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